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LG Dishwasher Error Code E1 – How To Clear

LG Dishwasher shows E1 error code, what does e1 mean? I have a 2 year old LG dishwasher. It has recently been showing the E1 error fault code. Can you tell me what this means and how do I fix it myself? Do I need to replace a part or clean an area of the dishwasher to clear the code and reset the dishwasher? Please help as the dishwasher is no longer under warranty.

LG Dishwasher Error Code E1LG Dishwasher Error Code E1 – How To Clear? – How To Fix?

LG has programmed in the E1 error code to indicate when the drain pump is running, it is not receiving the back pressure it needs. This is most likely an indication that there is a water leak in the draining system. See below for what to check to fix the E1 error…

An E1 (or AE) Error Code identifies there may be a leak in your LG dishwasher.
A leak may be caused by:
1 – Improper installation of the dishwasher.
2 – Using too much or the wrong detergent.
3 – Dishwasher door leaking.
4 – The dishwasher was not loaded correctly.
5 – Faulty sump motor.
6 – Faulty float assembly.
7 – Leaking sump assembly.

NOTE: For more detailed info on troubleshooting and replacing parts such as the Sump assembly, Float assembly, see the chart below.

LG Dishwasher E1 Error Code - How To Clear - Parts To ReplaceLG Dishwasher E1 Error Code – How To Clear – Parts To Replace

LG Dishwasher E1 Error Code TroubleshootingLG Dishwasher E1 Error Code Troubleshooting

Check these parts and areas of your LG dishwasher to troubleshoot and clear the E1 error code:

1 – Dishwasher Drain Hose Installation
Drain hose outlet installed lower than the base of your dishwasher?
– Drain hose outlet is installed lower than the base of your dishwasher may cause early draining.
– This can be the cause of the E1 error code.
– The height of the end of the drain hose must be over 10 inches from the bottom of the dishwasher.
– This is to prevent water from being siphoned from the tub too early.
– Check the drain hose for damage that may cause leakage.
– Replace the dishwasher drain hose if it is found to be damaged or leaking water.

2 – Improper Dishwasher Detergent Use
– The wrong detergent can cause excessive suds.
– Check if you are using the wrong detergent. (Not to be used in automatic dishwashers)
– If using the wrong detergent, your dishwasher can fill with suds.
– If the dishwasher has excess SUDS, your dishwasher cannot wash or rinse correctly.
– E1 error code will appear when there is too many suds or excessive suds.
– Only use a dishwasher detergent that is made for automatic dishwashers.

3 – Dishwasher Door May Be Leaking
– Check if there is water seeping through the dishwasher door.
– Check for any door seal rips or tears around the door seal.
– If you find that the door seal has any type of damage, remove and replace the door seal.

4 – Dishes In LG Dishwasher Are Not Correctly Loaded
Are you loading your LG dishwasher with large items such as oversized pots or pans?
– The way the pots and pans are positioning can cause the dishwasher to retain water that fills the dishwasher.
– This can cause the dishwasher to error out and think that there is a leak.
– Make sure all large pots and pans loaded inside the dishwasher are positioned in the racks correctly.
– Position the large pots and pans so they do not hold any excess water.

5 – Faulty sump assembly, Float assembly.
Remove and replace the sump or float assembly if you find that is the cause of the E1 error code.

LG Dishwasher – Understanding Error Code E1

How To Reset An LG Dishwasher?
– Turn the circuit breaker or unplug the dishwasher for 10 to 15 seconds.
– Plug the dishwasher back in or turn the circuit breaker back on.
– Press the power button to turn the dishwasher on.
– Start a new cycle and see if that clears the error.

LG Dishwasher PartsLG Dishwasher Parts – Parts To Fix E1 Error Code

NOTE: For proper LG Dishwasher Installation… Your LG dishwasher should be installed under your kitchen cabinet with the drain hose going through the side wall of the cabinet and then to either a disposal, air gap or just the drain line.

Have you tried all of the above fixes to clear your LG dishwasher of the E1 error code and it still shows the fault? Please leave your question below and we will be happy to assist you in clearing the error code.

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36 thoughts on “LG Dishwasher Error Code E1 – How To Clear”

  1. Same problem, LG Dishwasher E1 code which cannot be cleared. First and foremost this is a hazard. In my case the DW randomly turned on and attempted to drain residual water, and could not be powered off permanently without turning off the breaker. I could have been out of the house when this happened, and at the pump runs out water to drain and sucking air. I can only imagine what might happen over the course of several hours and the pump probably overheating.

    I read through all of these posts and after several attempts of cleaning the float sensor and tilting the washer forward the drain off what ever water was trapped, I grabbed my trusty wet vac and put the nozzle as close to the drain holes, covered it a towel to aid in the suction, and just let it vac for about 30 secs. I then immediately turned the breaker back on and the E1 code was cleared.

    Thanks to all respondents for their posts, it helped point me in the right direction.

  2. I opened my LG direct drive dishwasher with 16 minutes left on the cycle. It beeped at me and now I have an e1 error code that won’t go away

  3. I replaced the inlet pump because it was leaking. Since I replaced it, I get an IE error and the dishwasher doesn’t fill up. Put back the old pump and no errors. Ordered new inlet pump but IE error persists. Do I need to reset anything or do you have any suggestions?

  4. I had the E1 error and nothing would clear the code and pump kept running. It has been running good for like 6 years. I pulled out the unit and tilted it forward to see what would happen. When I did this a brown puddle formed on the right side. Seem that the coffee machine above it had overflowed and was causing the E1 error. By tilting it forward the coffee came out and the error is now resolved. Thanks All

  5. I had the e1 error code and like many was able to pull out the dishwasher, and tilt to remove the water accumulating at the bottom of the dishwasher to reset the error code, only to have it return days or weeks later. The remove and tilt procedure did reset the error code every time. I was finally able to determine what was going on. After the last time I encountered the e1 error code, I pulled out the dishwasher and located the float sensor located on the bottom, right side of the dishwasher. The float sensor was sitting in water that had pooled into a pan where it was mounted. I mopped up the water in the pan with paper towels and that reset the e1 error code. Two black tubes led into this pan and appeared to be designed to collect water from the left and right edge under where the door meets the basin. The inside of the tube coming from the right side was dry, while the tube on the left side was wet. I can only assume that water was leaking somewhere on the left side. I had previously replaced the door seal, but that didn’t permanently address the issue. I reinstalled the dishwasher as I normally have and noticed a couple of things. The dishwasher was level side to side, but was not level front to back and was tilted slightly forward. Also the gap between the door and basin was different on the left and right side (put a flashlight in the dishwasher to sight this gap). The installation guide indicated that it should be level and the gap the same. I replaced the clips at the top of the dishwasher, since they were worn from removing so many times, and made sure the dishwasher was firmly held in place, while making sure the gap was the same and the dishwasher was level front to back and side to side. This seems to have solved the problem. I’ll give it a couple months before claiming the fix permanent.

  6. Wow, E1 Error, tries the tilt forward. Nada. Tilted tonthe right. Nada. Switch off and on again while tilted to the right. Boom! Thank you so much for whoever gave this trick

  7. I have the LG ldf7551st, originally had an error that told me to look into the Water Pump, which I replaced, after 5 days of working I got the E1 error code, I did notice a little of water in front of the door, never find out where it came from.

    After trying all the recommendations from everywhere, I unplugged the dishwasher, I tried this tilting trick, a couple of times about 45 degrees each time and the error is gone ….MONEY!!!!!

    Thanks for the recommendation. I may have a different problem but this one is telling you that the activation of the float is not triggering.

    Can anyone point to link or picture to see where this float is and how to replace it, could not find the service manual for my model.

  8. Had the same issue – tried everthing the book says then pulled out tilted forward and boom all fixed.

  9. (E-1 Error code) My LG Dishwasher was working perfectly for 4 years, until last week, I ran a load of dishes while my kitchen sink drain was clogged, and I had no idea about it. The water from the dishwasher and whatever was in the drain backed up into the washer floor, the cycle stopped, I began to hear a constant humming sound of pump trying to get the water out, accompanied by the E1 code. Immediately, I realized the sink was full of flued, so I turned on the drain, all water was drained from the sink and dishwasher, but the Error didn’t go away. The pump kept on running even though there was no more water in the washer floor, I cleaned up the dishwasher twice by putting 3 gallons of hot water on its floor twice, which immediately was pumped out to the sink by the constantly running pump. E1 didn’t go away. Turning on/off and trying to reset the washer did not help, nothing worked, the E1 was always there. Finally came to this website, read the posts, pulled the dishwasher out, (the floor was completely dry, and no sign of any leaks), tilted the washer towards the front, kept it there for about 5 minutes, cleaned up about a cup of water that leaked out from the bottom (God knows where), put it upright again, and turned on the power, Bingo, it was fixed. Thank you everyone for your contributions. You’ve saved me hundreds of dollars of unnecessary part changes recommended by the servicemen.

  10. Well thank heavens I read this site. I was on my last straw with this blasted dishwasher. Needless to say, I unscrewed the mounts, pulled it out, jiggled it around, gave it a nice tap with my foot, and BOOOOYA! The code has been cleared! Took me all of 3 minutes to do this. So thank you to Chris for the idea. And try this before you call a repairman!

  11. Don’t tilt the dishwasher forward, it’s like doing something hoping for an outcome. The real fix sits with understanding the E1 code. If water leaks into the dishwasher and fills the cavity at the bottom, a float will rise and activate the E1 strip switch…. well there we Go, if there is no water in the bottom cavity the problem will still lay with the E1 trip switch.
    Fix – locate a polystyrene float laying on the bottom of the sump cavity, there should be a vertical plastic dial attached to the float, tape or glue a small sinker or nut to the plastic dial, gravity of the sinker will force the switch to stay closed and not leak.
    Bingo, restart the dishwasher and all will be good. Problem solved

  12. Had the same E1 error code. Cycled breaker many times. Filled and drained the water a few times as the drain pump ran constantly. Buggered with this and that switch / button / door. Kicked a few times. Considered calling the help line but didn’t. FINALLY read this blog. Undid the mounting screws, pulled the dishwasher out a foot or so, tilted forward, gave it a light kick just to make myself feel good, set it upright and found the E1 code cleared! Thank you Jason!

  13. I have an e1 error message on my two year old LG dishwasher. There is no obvious leak. The dish washer is empty and sighted to the left of the sink. I have switched it off at the main for a few minutes but the error message came straight back on. Is there anything else I should try?

  14. I spent 2 days dinking around turning off and on the power and getting every last drop of water from inside the washer, but had no success. My dishwasher kept getting the AE message and the pump kept trying to work. The recommendation to tilt it forward and back took 2 minutes and it worked like a charm! Thank you!!

  15. Yes! Thanks so much for your help! Our garbage disposal has been on the fritz recently and had blocked up, that caused the E1 error on our dishwasher also. We cleaned the mesh and drain cup thing, and then sucked out all the water from the hose using a shop vac. After that the E1 error still wouldn’t clear. We pulled out the unit, tried tilting back and forth a couple of times and it totally worked!! Thank you so much!!!

  16. We have this same E1 error on our LG LDF7561ST. In our case our hot water is not working so I “foolishly?” decided to take note of the typical “full” level and then I drained it and restarted it, this time stopping it when it started to fill. At that point I dumped in a pot full of hot water (heated on the stove – not boiling), making sure it was still well below the typical full level and then closed the door. I assumed it would stop filling automatically – but it kept filling and filling, until suddenly this E1 error showed. After that it drained the water and all it will do now is drain and drain and drain, with E1 showing. Disabling the circuit breaker, even for 24 hours, doesn’t help. As soon as power is restored E1 shows up and it starts trying to drain constantly.

    Based on what I’ve read there is some sort of overfull sensor that triggers E1 (amongst other things such as a lack of drain restriction). It sounds like it is supposed to automatically reset, but in many cases it doesn’t. I just read somewhere that with some units these sensors are electronic and need to fully dry to stop triggering E1. If correct, I’m now leaving the the door left open for 24 hours, hoping the water on the sensor will evaporate and stop triggering E1.

    I should note that recently we’ve been having trouble with it draining. It behaves like the pump or drain valve gets plugged up with food remnants and takes numerous manual “cancel” drain attempts, cycling between drain, fill, wash, drain, fill, wash to clear it out. It appeared to be draining fine at the time of the E1 error though.

    Any other suggestions?

  17. I have an E1 code on my dishwasher, I canHear the motor running I turn my breaker off for 15 seconds turn it back on and still the E1 code is still there and the dishwasher motor is still running

  18. I’ve been dealing with an intermittent e1 code for FOUR years. I hate this LG. I’ve had 2 repairmen out, called the foreign based customer service multiple times who always ask me about soap, pots not being placed so they hold water, etc. The last guy cleaned my float assembly, which helped for a month or two. Now the thing hardly runs a cycle without erroring out. No water leak, hoses installed correctly, good water pressure, etc. I think the float assembly is the culprit, as it will at times run a full cycle without erroring, so the sump motor is operationable. The float assembly is a horrible design and over time will get gunked up again though.. so I feel this just delays the recurrence of the problem. How much do float assemblies cost? Can I do it myself? How much headache am I thinking of going through to replace this vs how long until this float assembly gets stuck and starts erroring on me again?

  19. I had the E1 fault on our LG dishwasher. Nothing cleared it until i did what Jason further up had done. I tilted the dish washer all 4 ways and it was fixed.

  20. Debra Pederson

    LG direct drive Dishwasher about 5 years old. Error code —
    Drain Hoses are clear, no cloughs, unplug can’t clear or run a washing cycle.

  21. We have tried to remove the E1 code after fixing a leak in the door seal but it comes back.

  22. OK I have had the same problem clearing the E1 error code. Tilting the machine back and forth did not work the first time. I tried again this time pulling the dishwasher out further and it worked. The angle is definitely the key.

  23. Followed Jason’s and Matt’s suggestion. Pull unit out, tipped forward and backward 45 degrees and now the code has cleared. LG wanted $370 to come out to fix it.

  24. I have same issue and cannot reset dishwasher. It just stays on and will not shut off even after turning off electricity and turning it back on.

  25. After hours of Googling this E1 error code problem, I found Jason’s tip and it worked! Just pulled out the holding screws, slid the dishwasher out a foot, tipped it forward and backward, and the error cleared. Ran a QUICK cycle for about 1 minute with the drain hose in a plastic garbage can to see the dirty waste water come out, and success. If you have a clogged drain and water flows back into the dishwasher you’ll get this code, and this is your FIX! Thanks Jason – you saved me a lot bigger headache.

  26. We purchased our LG dishwasher about 4 years ago..
    It is now showing an error code of E1, we have checked for leaks and found none.
    All the above test have been done but no parts have been replaced as if yet.
    The dishwasher does complete the cycle but does not chime when cycle is complete, the error code is v o.j. sable after the cycle has completed. Any suggestions

  27. I can’t get my LG dishwasher to clear.
    I have tried unplugging and when I pulled it out it reset and ran a fast cycle.
    When I put it back in the space, the error code came back on again.

  28. Hi Nicci – we had the same problem. It is apparently caused by your wastewater not escaping via the drain, and flooding the dishwasher which activates the alarm. To clear the alarm, we tipped our dishwasher to one side, which allowed a small amount of water that was trapped in the dishwasher, even after the drain was cleared, to escape. Hope this helps

  29. Had to replace garbage disposal that flooded kitchen cabinets.
    LG Dishwasher was running and was turned off, now LG dishwasher gives code 03.
    It sounds like it is trying to run but no water comes in and yes the water is on to washer.
    We rinsed the filter so it is ok.

  30. Nicci Traeger

    We had a blockage in our drains which cause dishwasher not to drain. It has now drained but the e1 code is still flashing and the dishwasher is running but no water or anything is working. Just can hear it working

  31. I have unplugged The unit overnight and turn the power back on immediately it says E1 I don’t even have to turn the power button on it has an audible tone to it and flashing all the lights on the front of the unit. The unit was running at the time we lost power in the house and when the power came back on that error code was present. The dishwasher pumped all of the water out of it into the sink via the garbage disposal my son forgot to run the garbage disposal all with stuff in it so all the water wasn’t draining so it filled the sink up. So I think what happened was water siphoned from the sink back into the dishwasher . That’s probably why it got the E1 code now I check the hoses I took the pump apart there was nothing clogging or leaking the pump works it drains continually runs it will not turn off unless I can shut the breaker off. If I pour water into the unit with a tub of pumps the water out like it’s supposed to but it doesn’t stop pumping it stuck in a mode.

  32. I cannot seem to get the error code ae to reset I have checked all areas of my dishwasher can not find any leaks the pump keeps running as soon as I turn my breaker back on, lds6040st direct drive

  33. I’ve had this LG dishwasher for 3.5 years and never had a problem.
    Now it keeps giving me an error code AE which is water leakage.
    I have checked absolutely everywhere and do not have any water leakage.
    I just don’t know what else to do.

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