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Make Homemade Remedy Cures with Ginger

1. Ginger for motion sickness
Studies have shown that ginger has a major effect on both the prevention and also the treatment of motion sickness.

2. Ginger for osteoarthritis
Individuals that have osteoarthritis who had consumed the extract of ginger had less knee pain compared to those who did not eat ginger.

3. Ginger for cancer
A study in mice found that the mice given ginger had not as many tumors and their size was much smaller than those of mice who didn’t receive ginger.

4. Ginger for morning sickness
Research has revealed that 150 nilligrams of ginger extract taken 4 times daily for 4 days reduces morning sickness in women who were less than 25 weeks pregnant.

Here are the health benefits of using gingerBrief History Of Ginger:
Ginger was brought from China by the Romans almost 2,000 years ago.
The Spanish introduced ginger to Mexico and South America.
China, Southeastern Asia and India is where Ginger originated and has been used as a culinary spice.
China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nigeria and Thailand are the main producers of ginger today.

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