How To Make a Lamp Out Of An Old Bottle Easy Fun DIY Project

If you have a lot of bottles laying around we have something you can do with them! Make a diy Bottle Lamp! The process is simple. First thing to do is purchase a diamond glass and tile drill bit. Make sure you learn how to use it properly before operating the drill. First, using a power drill, drill a hole in the back of the bottle toward the bottom. Remember to use water to cool down the drill bit while you are drilling. Then, thread the strand of lights into the bottle and hang the 110v plug coming off the light strand out of the bottle so you can plug it in easily. Plug the hole with some silicone sealant so the light strand does not come out of the bottle.

bottle lights and lamps

Here is what you will need to make your own diy Bottle Lamp: A pair of Safety Goggles, Heavy Duty Gloves, A Drill, A Diamond Drill Bit (for Glass Drilling), An Old Bottle, Silicone Sealant and A strand of old Christmas Lights. (Any color you choose)

diy bottle lamp

Easy Fun diy Bottle Lamp Project

make lamps out of wine bottles

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