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How To Build a Backyard Chicken Coop for under $250

Have you ever wanted to own some chickens and have organic fresh eggs every day? Now you can have your own Backyard Chicken Coop for under $250 dollars. Here is a fun project to build in your backyard to house some baby chicks. This project took us most of the day and is fairly easy with a common knowledge of tools and some woodworking skills. We are not going to give the exact dimensions as everyone will need to size there own chicken coop according to how many chickens you will have and the size of your backyard. This diy build is just to show you how it is done and give you ideas. We will briefly describe in each picture every step we took to build a chicken coop. You may also be interested in How To Build A Chicken Nesting Box.

Materials Needed: 4 X 4 Wood, 1 X 1 Wood, Wood Shed Siding, Concrete Ground Pavers, Deck Screws, Drywall Screws, Wood Glue, Chicken Wire, Screen Door Wire, and other misc parts pieces.

diy backyard chicken coop_12

Here is the start and reason for our diy Chicken Coop! 3 day old chick!

diy backyard chicken coop_09

Here are our baby chickens waiting to be moved into our new Chicken Coop.
They need to stay in the house under a heat lamp until they are 5 weeks old.
If you want to raise your own then make sure you use a red bulb in your heat lamp.
A white light will be reflected in their eyes and chickens peck at anything that shines.

diy backyard chicken coop_03

The chicken coop framing is very simple and is entirely just common 2×4 wood fastened with decking screws.

diy backyard chicken coop_07

Here is the chicken coop floor made entirely of common 2×4 wood pieces cut to the specific size you need.

diy backyard chicken coop_01

The coop panels are just common outdoor siding used on a shed.
It costs $15 for a 4×8 sheet at any home improvement store.
We designed it to have screened in doors on the sides that
could be opened and closed for ventilation.

diy backyard chicken coop_04

We cut the 4×8 sheet of wood siding lengthwise and screwed in the rear piece
with 1″ drywall screws to the frame. We then attached the front
section to the back with common piano hinges.

diy backyard chicken coop_10

We cut the chicken door with a common circular saw and finished it with a reciprocating saw.
The door that we used is fastened to the frame with regular door hinges.

diy backyard chicken coop_06

Here we are screening in the ventilation doors.

diy backyard chicken coop_08

The coop ladder is made from our leftover 1×1 wood pieces we had after framing the door.

diy backyard chicken coop_02

Here is one of the chicken nesting boxes we built. We are going to have 6 in all when finished.

diy backyard chicken coop_11

Here is a nice natural perch we added.
We cut it from our tree and trimmed it down and attached it with decking screws.

diy backyard chicken coop_05

We leveled out our coop with $1.50 pavers.
The ventilation doors are held closed with corner clasps.

diy backyard chicken coop_13

Ventilation doors open. Project done and completed it cost less than $250.
(We will fence and screen in the area around our coop before the chickens move in)

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