How To Make A Lamp Out Of An Oil Burning Lantern

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2013)

In this project we took an old oil burning lantern and turned it into a lamp. We had an old oil burning lantern in our garage. We were curious what it would take to turn it into a lamp. Turns out that it wasn’t difficult at all. We first cleaned our lantern inside and out. We then took it apart and used our sand blaster to remove all of the old deteriorating red paint. Once smooth we primed it and then painted it a bright white color. We then got our electrical material and wired it up for the light. Below is our brief step by step before and after pictures.

diy Lantern Light Lamp

Here is our old red lantern before we turned it into a lamp.

diy Lantern Light Lamp

We took the lantern apart and removed the old red paint by sand blasting it.

diy Lantern Light Lamp

After all the paint was removed and it was smooth, we primed our lantern lamp with primer.

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diy Lantern Light Lamp

Here is our lantern lamp assembled, wired and painted a white color.

diy Lantern Light Lamp

Our diy Lantern Lamp Completed. We used an old style “Edison Bulb” to give it an old fashioned look.

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