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The Amazing DIY Garden Cupcake Dessert Stand

It all started with a wooden log. We needed a dessert stand to hold our cupcakes for a birthday party. It was a garden theme party so we built this. Yes we did this for the kids and took pictures while we were at it. The pictures below show our step by step build.

Material Needed:
1 – Piece of plywood 3ft X 3ft
1 – Wooden log (bark removed) 3ft to 4ft long
4 – Wooden dowels with grooves cut
1 – Can of green spray paint
1 – Bottle wood glue

diy garden fairy cupcake stand1

We got a perfect sized log (about 3 feet long) and drilled holes in it.

diy garden fairy cupcake stand2

We got our plywood and outlined a leaf shape for the dessert holders.

diy garden fairy cupcake stand3

Here are our leaf holders after we used our saw and cut them out of the plywood.

diy garden fairy cupcake stand4

We bought 4 wooden dowels and grooved each one to hold our leaves on.

diy garden fairy cupcake stand5

We slid our leaves into the wooden dowels to be sure they fit snugly.

diy garden fairy cupcake stand6

The dowels and leaves fit perfectly into our log stand.

diy garden fairy cupcake stand7

We spray painted our wooden holders green to resemble tree leaves.

diy garden fairy cupcake stand8

After the paint dried we assembled everything together and placed it on our serving table.

diy garden fairy cupcake stand9

Here is our diy Cupcake Dessert Stand completed with the cupcakes placed on each leaf.

diy garden fairy cupcake stand10

Here is another angle of our Dessert Stand ready for our guests to arrive.

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4 thoughts on “The Amazing DIY Garden Cupcake Dessert Stand”

  1. DIY Project Help Tips

    We used a Birch hardwood plywood and the thickness is 3/4 inch. Birch plywood has excellent surface hardness, and damage and wear resistance.
    – RR

  2. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hi Susan,
    We used a square piece of plywood for the base and simply screwed it into the bottom of our log using 5 wood screws that were 1 1/2 inches long. It is also a good idea to put an all purpose carpentry adhesive on the bottom base stand along with the wood screws. This will assure it won’t be coming apart or tip over. Hope this helps!

  3. Susan Jaszemski

    This looks so cool. I’m just curious, as I have not done any carpentry projects in years, how did you attach the branch/log to the wooden stand at the bottom?

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