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How To Easily Re Grow Romaine Lettuce From A Stump Indoors

Who would have known that the bottom stump of romaine lettuce can be planted and regrown if done correctly. It will regrow new leaves for a second harvest. You can do this by putting a stump in a 1/2 inch of water and check that it stays at 1/2 inch daily. The lettuce will grow guaranteed. We grew our romaine lettuce on our kitchen window sill and this is the perfect place for regrowing greens such as lettuce since it is bright and the temperature is cool all day long. Try it when you have a head of lettuce with the stem still attached. You have nothing to lose and a new head of lettuce to eat.


how to grow romaine lettuce from a stump_7Our lettuce regrowing after 2 weeks of being in direct sunlight.
After about 3 to 4 weeks you can cut and harvest.

how to grow romaine lettuce from a stump_3Here is a nice closeup of another lettuce stump beginning
to regrow with just a small amount of water indoors.

how to grow romaine lettuce from a stump_2Here we put 3 romaine lettuce stumps in 1/2 inch of water
in a glass container and put on our kitchen window sill. (image credit here)

how to grow romaine lettuce from a stump_1This is the lettuce we used to regrow from a stump.
From Earthbound Farm it is Organic Lettuce.

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9 thoughts on “How To Easily Re Grow Romaine Lettuce From A Stump Indoors”

  1. I have been trying to regrow romaine and I followed all the steps.
    Putting it in water and in a week planting it in a pot but it has started to grow white fuzzy mold over the top of the dirt.
    Is there a way to prevent this or fix this.

  2. DIY Project Help Tips

    Make sure it is in the correct light source and the soil is suitable.

  3. I have begun growing 3 romaines and celery, but they’re turning brown. I keep them moist by spraying them. Any thoughts?

  4. I started doing this about three weeks ago: Taking the stumps of organic romaine lettuce and putting them in 1/2″ of water in a clear shallow container and placing on a window sill. The first 2 weeks were great and showed great promise. But one of my plants seems to have rotted from the inside as the stump is now very squishy and the leaves have shrunk 2″ in size. I change the water daily. And brush off the rust coloration from the stump (which turns the water a yellow-rust color). I thought I read that this works in only water. Should I plant the stumps in soil? What am I doing wrong? Any help appreciated before I lose the other two stumps, which are almost 4″ high now.

  5. DIY Project Help Tips

    Any type of “vegetable garden soil mix” should work well. Any type of planting mix that is rich in earthworm castings, kelp meal, fish bone meal and soybean meal will work wonders. Some soil mixes can also have aloe vera and yucca extract. These types of “re-growing soil” will work well with re-growing both vegetables and herbs.

  6. would you give specifics on the soil requirements for re-growing vegetables & soil requirements for re-growing herbs

  7. Kat-been wondering that myself. bought organic celery & romaine lettuce + organic soil. Some sites say to start them in water & then put in dirt…I don’t know which will work best. I don’t want to keep buying organics so I hope I can get more than 1 cutting. Good luck to you & Marcia.

  8. How many times can you harvest from the same stump? I’ve got one growing at the house now and it’s doing great. Which is surprising because I have a black thumb when it comes to growing anything but aloe vera and geraniums.

  9. I am on a strict diet, I needed to shed some pounds and my meal of choice is chicken Caesar salad. So tasty and healthy especially for carbohydrate challenged diabetics like myself, I am mastering the Caesar salad but the lettuce cost adds up quickly so I went and searched on Google for growing lettuce. I am really into growing my own food, so I was happy to find that I can regrow the stem and save a few dollars, much thanks. I’ll get some soil and indoor boxes for my windows and see what happens.

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