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How To Remove Paint From Wood Flooring DIY

Removing wet or dry paint from wood flooring is a simple task. The procedure for correctly removing paint will vary depending if it is wet or dry.

For dried on paint:
Simply use a plastic scraper for the majority of the dried on paint. The stuff called “Goof-Off” or “Oops!” will remove the residue completely gone. Apply it to the floor with a q-tip or a cotton ball. (Note: Test one paint spot at a time so you don’t risk damaging your floor) Then use a damp cloth rag to wipe up any remaining chemical on the floor. Be sure that there isn’t any gritty or scraping material in or on the rag that will scrape the floor finish during cleaning. If the paint is a latex based paint then some rubbing alcohol will do the job just fine too. Also, a latex based paint will not penetrate or seep into a finished sealed wood floor so don’t worry. Just clean it off and it’s gone.

For paint that is still wet:
Just wipe it up with an old throw away rag that is damp or wet. Be sure to not wipe the wet paint with the part of the rag that already has paint on it as it will smear it all over the floor.

how to remove paint from wood_1

This dried on latex paint can easily be removed from your wood flooring.

goof off

This product called “Goof Off” is perfect for removing dry paint from wood surfaces.
Doors, Kitchen Cabinets, Wood Flooring, Trim, Stairs, etc…

how to remove paint from wood_2

This wet paint can be removed from wood flooring by using a wet or damp rag.

oops! paint remover

The product called OOPS! removes dry paint from all surfaces.

how to remove paint from wood_3

You can use a plastic scraper to remove the dry paint from your wood floor.

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