Calculator For BMI – Find Your Body Mass Index

This body mass index calculator contained on this page is based on the standard BMI measurement that takes your height and weight and tells you if you have a body weight that is not healthy. It is for men, women and adults above the age of 19 years old.

It is a good indicator of the amount of body fat you have and is related to the risk of various diseases and early death you may have. The official formula for this BMI calculator online is weight(kg) / (height(m) x height(m))

This calculator for BMI can be adjusted for different units like pounds, kilograms and centimeters, inches for your convenience.

A limitation of most all BMI calculators is that it cannot distinguish fat from muscle and we all know muscle weighs more than fat. This only matters for professional body builders and athletes and other people who have developed a lot of super lean body mass. The BMI system is structured around an average person and most of the people don’t exercise regularly and are considered FAT!

bmi index chart 2013BMI (Body Mass Index) Chart – For Both Men and Woman

height to weight chart

Height to Weight Chart – For Both Men and Woman

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