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How To Build A Suitcase Boombox Blaster

This stereo made from a suitcase is made of 75% thrash parts! Everything here was purchased at a thrift shop for barely nothing. The battery was the most expensive at $7 dollars which is a 12v sealed lead acid battery rated for 8 Ah. We used a 12v accessory extension and wired it directly to the battery. There’s also an adapter for the DC power that goes to the amp. The charging cable end is modified for the battery charger to a 12v cigarette lighter plug. The speakers are a set of 6 1/2″ Pyle speakers with crossovers and tweeters for $6 dollars. The best part is the battery and mp3 player can go in the suitcase. This suitcase plays for over 8 hours with this battery. See below for some photos of the build.

The Suitcase Boombox Blaster_4

Once you have your junk suitcase, measure out the 2
holes for the speakers and cut them out with a jigsaw.

The Suitcase Boombox Blaster_1

Then cut the rest of the holes for the battery, lighter adapter, tweeters and amp.
Then using epoxy glue, install the battery and the 12v lighter adapter for charging the battery.

The Suitcase Boombox Blaster_3

Next install the 12v DC amp which is the heart and brains of your suitcase boombox.

The Suitcase Boombox Blaster_2

Once everything is wired and in place, here is what
your new diy suitcase boombox blaster will look like.


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