How To Build A Fire Pit DIY

Here is a simple diy to show you how to make a fire pit. It is an easy project to do as all you really need is a good location and some cement blocks to make the walls. You will need 36 bricks in all to complete the fire pit.

How to build a fire pit_3

Lay out the blocks evenly to form a circle.

How to build a fire pit_4

Push the blocks close together so that when the
fire is burning it does not escape out of the sides.

How to build a fire pit_5

Once the first bottom ring is in place the rest is just stacking on top of the first ring.

How to build a fire pit_1

Second ring complete, now start the third and final top ring.

How to build a fire pit_2

We used “half” blocks for our top ring. Now complete the top ring and you are finished.
(Make sure to not build this near a house or structure as disaster could result)

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