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How To Make Crayola Crayon Art Work DIY

Looking to make some distinctive artwork yourself? How about melting crayons on a white canvas for an art masterpiece!

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To make crayola crayon art all you need is:
1 – Large white canvas (36″ x 36″ canvas is recommended)
1 – Box of hot glue
2 – Boxes of wax crayons
1 – Common hair blow dryer

The process of making crayola art is:
Step 1 – Lay out your favorite colors and use the hot glue to glue the crayons to the top of the canvas and face the tips downward.
Step 2 – Heat the crayons from the tips with the blow dryer on low until the crayons start to melt and drip down. (be careful not to melt the glue holding the crayons to the canvas)

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