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Living Room Remodel Wooden Backsplash Makeover On A Budget

This living room remodel makeover is an easy way to spruce up a somewhat plain looking room. With a little bit of planning how you want the room to look, a whole new look can be created from an older outdated one. By applying a new paint job, moving a few things around, adding a vintage looking wooden wall backsplash and replacing some furniture, a fresh new room can emerge. It is easy to do and very inexpensive to do it yourself.

Before and After Living Room Remodel

Before and After Living Room Remodel – ON A BUDGET!

here is the living room before the remodel

The living room is looking very plain before our remodel.
There is no real personality to our room and we are going to change that.

the walls for our living room are painted

We start off by giving the room a fresh new paint job with our paint color called venetian gold.
As you can see we started off right by applying our painters tape in the corners and edges.
Outlet covers, wall switch covers, and anything else on our wall was removed.

before adding the wood to our walls

As you can see in the other picture, our TV was sitting on a stand.
We decided to mount our flat screen TV on the wall using a wall mount.
We installed our TV wall mount and continued painting the rest of the wall.

add a tv wall mount

Adding the TV wall mount was very easy and only took 20 minutes.
You can see that we also cut in to the drywall to run all of the cables through.
This will give a nice new appearance to our living room remodel.

paint roller with saran wrap to keep wet

QUICK TIP – For those of you doing painting with a paint roller we have an idea for you.
When you are done painting for the day wrap the roller in saran wrap to keep moist!

Laying Out the Pattern for the living room backsplash

Once we had everything painted we got our wood together for the wall backsplash.
We used various combinations of three different kinds of Minwax stain.
Once our wood was stained and randomized, we began hanging them on the wall.

Living Room Remodel Final Product

Here is our Living Room Remodel on a Budget.
Notice that some furniture is new and also things have been rearranged.
So a few hundred dollars and a day of work is all it takes.

living room remodel

Here is a different angle of our makeover.
8 hours work total. Hardest part was sanding and staining the wood.
Hope you enjoyed!!

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