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How To Make Concrete Countertops – DIY Pictures

Concrete has become a material that homeowners are asking for in their homes. Leading in the most wanted items for a homeowner are concrete countertops. Concrete counters are very popular today and their versatility can really work for you. Here we are going to show the process of pouring concrete counter tops yourself. You pour a base and than add your mesh. Concrete side forms are a big help and definitely worth the money to make the job easier. Adding concrete countertops is as easy as putting the concrete board on top of your cabinets and screwing them down. Then you will add the forms on top of the concrete board and then pour the concrete. A lot of planning is involved with this so have a look below to see how the actual process is done. The average cost for making a concrete countertop will vary but the normal cost for a 1.5″ inch thick countertop will be from $55 to $130 per square foot (sq. ft.).

Concrete Countertops_05

We added the sides to create a barrier and began pouring the concrete.

Concrete Countertops_15

The concrete is then leveled and smoothed using a concrete smoothing tool.

Concrete Countertops_08

Once the concrete is in place then wait the appropriate time to let dry and fully cure.

Concrete Countertops_09

Remove the side edges carefully. We had some issues removing the sides so be careful.

Concrete Countertops_01

Here is a closeup of the smooth cement drying. You can see it has a unique texture.

Concrete Countertops_03

Once the cement was dry we removed the sides completely and here is what it looks like.

Concrete Countertops_13

We decided to coat the entire counter top with a microtopping.
We do not recommend using the stain right from the bottle with the microtopping.
It is best to cut it with a 1 to 1 ratio with water as the microtopping really takes the color.

Concrete Countertops_12

Here is a picture after grinding off the microtopping.

Concrete Countertops_06

A closeup of our nice new countertops. Notice the unique pattern.

Concrete Countertops_10

First application of the gloss coat that we used to make it glossy, the lights glare show it off nice.

Concrete Countertops_11

As you can see the concrete now looks like actual granite and about 1/5 the cost!

Concrete Countertops_14

Here is the kitchen remodeled and the concrete countertops are looking great.

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  1. Sorry. I meant microtopping. Is that mixing in glass or other items? Then you add stain? What type of stain do you recommend? And type of sealer? I am ready to try to make countertop for my bathroom and if it works I would love to tackle the kitchen.

  2. Thank you for sharing. What is micro coating? Is that a separate step from the stain? And what type of stain do you recommend?

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