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Concrete Countertop Ideas and Examples – Part 1 of 2 Pictures

Looking for concrete countertops examples and ideas? Here is part one of a series of 95 pictures to give you some great ideas for your bathroom or kitchen. Tough and very reliable a concrete countertop keeps getting further into today’s modern home designs. Concrete is finding it’s way as a kitchen and bathroom countertop surface more than ever. For the average countertop, concrete is poured in very large seamless 1.5 inch thick section and is mostly always poured in place. Cost ranges from approximately $55 to $130 per square foot for all supplies needed. Concrete countertops photo gallery part two here. You may also be interested in how to make concrete countertops.

Concrete Countertop Ideas And Examples!

Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_01 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_02 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_03 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_04 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_05 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_06 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_07 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_08 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_09 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_10 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_11 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_12 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_13 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_14 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_15 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_16 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_17 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_18 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_19 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_20 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_21 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_22 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_23 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_24 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_25 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_26 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_27 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_28 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_29 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_30 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_31 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_32 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_33 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_34 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_35 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_36 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_37 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_38 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_39 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_40 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_41 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_42 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_43 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_44 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_45 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_46 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_47 Concrete_Countertop_Ideas_48

The cost of a concrete countertop is figured by the level of creativity that is needed. Concrete countertops are usually designed by architects and homeowners that want an exclusive one of a kind look. Because of the varying factors the cost of countertops can vary from $55 to $130 usually.

There are a few items that add to the cost of concrete countertops:
Curved shapes
2″ or thicker concrete
Integral draining boards
Custom countertop edges
Custom back splashes

General overview of how concrete countertops compare in pricing to other countertop materials:

Best for good low price performance. Mimics high end counter material.
BAD – Easily cut and abraded. Non-repairable. Most show seams.
Price $18 to $28 per sq. ft. installed.

Best for versatility. Lots of colors. No seams. Easy repair for small nicks.
BAD – Cuts and abrades easily. Cost can equal granite.
Price $36 to $85 per sq. ft. installed.

Best for being most exclusive.
Can be tinted any possible color and can include marble chips.
BAD – Pricey and damage prone. Quality will vary.
Price $55 to $130 per sq. ft. installed.

Best for counters dedicated for food preparation. Easy to install and repair.
BAD – Cuts, scrapes and dings easily, requiring frequent refinishing.
Price $33 to $60 per sq. ft. installed.

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