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How To Cancel Your Cable And Still Get Free Premium TV

Looking to cut the cable company cord and save money? Become a cord cutter by getting the PlayOn app for the Roku Streaming Player. This awesome app transcodes streams that are not fully compatible with the Roku (flash streams) into the Roku player to make a playable and watchable format. PlayOn has tons of free content that is not found on any other Roku channel.

roku playon tv free channels

Here is a list of the channels available with PlayOn that have FULL Episodes and Shows.
NOTE: The channels in the list work great and are many of the channels you would be paying too much for with regular old cable but using PlayOn they are FREE!.
Hulu(Free Hulu but this is not Hulu+)
RedBox InstantNew!
HGTVWe love this channel as it is FREE and amazing for DIY projects.
SyFyGotta have Science Fiction Channel and FREE!!
SpikeThe best channel for men!
Adult SwimFor those who like the weird cartoons and want to have it FREE!
PBSGreat shows including NOVA!
YoutubeDoes work great right on your TV!
ESPN3Free paid sports channel!
CBSRegular TV for free.
FoxGotta have FOX!
National GeographicNormally a premium channel with regular cable.

FULL Default Channel List With The PlayOn App for ROKU:
NBC – Free episodes and news shows
ABC – Free episodes
CBS – Free episodes
FOX – Free episodes
Comedy Central – Free
TV.com – Free episodes
TBS – Free
Hulu – Free but supported with Ads
Netflix – requires subscription but only $8 bucks a month
Youtube –  Free
HBOGO – requires subscription
Amazon VOD – requires subscription
OWN – Free
Lifetime – Free episodes
TLC – Free
SyFy – Free
Crackle – Free
Adult Swim – Free cartoon episodes
Spike – Free
ESPN – Free
ESPN3 – Free Live games
NFL game rewind – Subscription required
MLB – Subscription required
NHL – Subscription required
Fox soccer – Login is required but Free
CNN – Free top stories
Fox News – Free but not live
Aljazeera – Free and streams live!!
BBC World – Free
Bloomberg – Free
C-Span – Works great
HGTV – Free
Nick – Free
Cartoon Network – Free clips
MTV – Free
VH1 – Free
BET – Free
VEVO – Free
Pandora – Free
DIY Network – Free
Food Network – Free
Cooking Channel – Free
Great American Country – Free
Travel Channel – Free
National Geographic – Free but with ads
History – Free
Bio – Free
A&E – Free
Discovery Channel – Free
Animal Planet – Free
Science – Free
Investigation Discovery – Free Clips
Discovery Fit – Free
Military Channel – Free clips
Velocity – Free Clips
PBS – Free
PBS Kids – Free
Disney – Free clips

how to install and use PlayOn

How to use the PlayOn Service:
1 – Install
Once PlayOn is on your PC, you can watch your favorite videos, shows, and movies from websites such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more on your TV using your Roku, Wii, Xbox 360, or Playstation 3 over your home internet connection. PlayOn also streams to your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

2 – Click
Using PlayOn is super easy. Simply start the PlayOn media server on your PC and follow simple instructions for your Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 or another device to find the PlayOn media server on your device. You will then be watching your favorite internet shows on your TV or mobile phone easily.

3 – Enjoy
PlayOn gets the favorite shows off your PC and onto your TV and smart device in a few simple steps. PlayOn includes nearly 60 web channels such as Hulu, ESPN, Comedy Central, MTV, Netflix, and much more. You can also get more channels in our plugin channel store for free! Once you install PlayOn you can be up and running in under 5 short minutes!

PlayOn works on many devices including:
Gaming consoles

PlayStation 3
Wii U
Xbox 360

Mobile devices
Android phone (Requires OS 2.2)
BlackBerry 10 Smartphones
iPad and iPhone
Kindle Fire
Nook Color

Set-top boxes
Brite-View CinemaTube
Google TV
Cirago Network HD Multimedia Center

Jadoo TV
NETGEAR Digital Entertainer Live EVA2000

Smart TVs
HP MediaSmart TV

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  1. I have a Roku setup for my streaming device and it states it is already on my roku but I just added PlayOn. I’ve searched I do not have it already. Now what? Can I only set this up on my PC? Help

  2. Most of the app channels require a subscription. Hulu again, only U.S. citizens can get and not canadians or anyone else. VPN’s are detected by Hulu and you cannot join and plus you still need to sign up for Hulu to get the channel working which if using a VPN, Hulu will not allow anyone to join. Other main channels like HBO and others will acquire a service provider to activate it. There is a monthly subscription to PlayOn and it isn’t free. If I left anything out please continue to inform others.

  3. For those who use a Mac or Linux PC and can’t Playon here is how to get a Free 45 Day Trial to the USTVNow Roku Channel.
    USTVNow will let you watch many of the same cable type channels live on your Roku, Computer or Mobile Device. 45 day trial includes full access to CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS and FOX. After the trial you can even cancel your account and sign up again or take advantage of their special promotion to get even more channels in full HD.

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