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How To Make A Camera Magnifier Using The iPhone

Need a magnifier to zoom in on something and take a picture? Here is a simple iPhone hack that you can do to create a DIY zoom magnifier that works with your camera. All you need is your iPhone, a bobby pin and a lens from an old laser pointer.

iPhone Super Zoom Camera_4Step 1 – Purchase or find an old laser pointer.

iPhone Super Zoom Camera_7Step 2 – Screw the top off of the laser pointer and remove the tiny plastic or glass lens inside.

iPhone Super Zoom Camera_5Step 3 – Clean the lens to assure there is no dried glue or other materials stuck on it.
The lens is very small so make sure you remove it on a piece of cloth or paper so it does not get lost.

iPhone Super Zoom Camera_3Step 4 – Get a bobby pin and secure the laser pointer
lens on the rubberized end as shown in the picture.

iPhone Super Zoom Camera_2Step 5 – Get a piece of scotch tape and secure the bobby pin
on the back of the iPhone with the lens centered over camera.

iPhone Super Zoom Camera_1Step 6 – Turn your camera on to make sure the lens is perfectly centered.

iPhone Super Zoom Camera_6Step 7 – Once centered you now have an amazingly easy way to zoom in and magnify any object!

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