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5 Uses For Bar Keepers Friend Multi Purpose Cleaner

There are many uses for Bar Keepers Friend that people don’t know about. We use this cleaner in our home on a daily basis and wanted to share it’s many uses. Bar Keepers Friend is a household cleaner that you can get in a powder or liquid. It can be used on pretty much any surface for everyday cleaning and for tough stains. This cleaner also is very good at removing calcium, lime and rust (CLR). Sound good? Here are the stores near you that sell it. Or… Purchase a 2-Pack of Bar Keepers Friend online.

Bar Keepers Friend All Products

  1. Stainless Steel – Household Appliances such as Stainless Steel Toasters, Metal Microwaves and even Steel Refrigerators.
  2. Porcelain – Bathtubs, Sinks and Toilets. (where calcium, lime and rust are found most often)
  3. Fiberglass – Showers and Tub Enclosures where there is usually heavy CLR build-up.
  4. Metal – Faucets in the Kitchen or Bathroom. Metal around your fireplace to remove deep soot stains.
  5. Plastic – Chairs, Tables and Kitchen Accessories. Anything made out of plastic.

On metal, fiberglass, porcelain and plastic the surface should be slightly wet before applying cleaner. Apply Bar Keepers Friend to the surface directly or to a wet cloth. Rub the surface as needed and rinse thoroughly. Use Bar Keepers Friend regularly to prevent stain buildup.

Anodized aluminum, silver, pewter, marble, lacquered metals or Gold.
Also do not mix Bar Keepers Friend with any other household cleaning products including those with detergent or bleach as this can cause a chemical reaction.

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