How To Make A Unique Bookshelf Using Old Wooden Vintage Soda Crates

We bought some old unique vintage soda crates and made a really cool bookshelf. These old wooden crates are hard to come by nowadays so we wanted to showcase them on our wall. We had to clean the crates up a bit but it was worth it once we had them attached to our walls. We attached the crates by finding the wood studs in our walls and securing them with extra long wood screws. So see below for our cool crate bookshelf DIY project.

Here is a Vintage Soda Crate Lovers Story of all of the wooden crates she could ever want for FREE. Does the below seem to be too much work or you are having trouble finding old soda crates? Old Soda Crates are still widely available and here is a Vintage Soda Crate Coat Rack available for online ordering.

Vintage Craft Crate Bookshelf_06Here are the 3 wooden vintage soda crates we need to clean up and hang on our wall.

Vintage Craft Crate Bookshelf_07You can see how some of the wood is falling out and is going to be needing to be replaced.

Vintage Craft Crate Bookshelf_09You can still see the impressions in the wood the bottles made from years ago.

Vintage Craft Crate Bookshelf_10We got our tools and made certain repairs to our crates.

Vintage Craft Crate Bookshelf_03We replaced wood that was warped or rotted.

Vintage Craft Crate Bookshelf_08Some of the old pieces of wood were falling out so we reattached with wood screws.

Vintage Craft Crate Bookshelf_02We then sanded the inside of the wood crates for a cleaner appearance.

Vintage Craft Crate Bookshelf_01After fixing up our 3 crates here they all are ready to be attached to our wall.

Vintage Craft Crate Bookshelf_05We found the wood studs in our walls and attached each wood crate to the wall.

Vintage Craft Crate Bookshelf_04We then added some books, bottles and other things to our new wood crate bookshelves!

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