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How To Stop A Squeaky Box Spring Mattress

Noisy bed driving you crazy? Not getting the sleep you deserve because of a squeaky box spring mattress? There are a variety of things you can do to make it stop. Silencing a squeaking bed or box spring can be fixed with some pretty simple tools and rearranging. Knowing where to check, what to tighten, what to rearrange, and where to lubricate will let you get a full nights rest.


Solution 1: ROTATE BOX SPRING. First thing to do is remove the mattress, and rearrange the box spring by rotating it 180 degrees. This means the end of the box spring at the head of the bed now needs to be rotated to foot of the bed. After you have rearranged the box spring part, place the mattress back on and test for squeaks.

Solution 2: TIGHTEN ALL FITTINGS. Check the bed frame and headboard to make sure all nuts, screws, and bolts are tight. Sometimes if your bed frame is not tight, parts of the metal or wood will chafe against each other with every movement you make on the bed and will make noise. Tighten everything and test for squeaks.

Solution 3: ADD OBJECT UNDER MATTRESS. Add a rigid object under the mattress in different areas. Placing a book or similar object under your mattress can move the pressure off of the part of your bed that squeaks. Try moving the book to the top and then the bottom portion of the bed to see if it reduces or stops the squeaks.

Solution 4: LUBRICATE BED FRAME. Remove the mattress and box spring. Spray an all purpose lubricating spray on the metal or wood frame where the screws and bolts are located. This will make it so any part of the bed frame that may be squeaking are now lubricated making the rubbing together action silenced.

bed squeaksLubricating the inner springs inside the box spring will help to stop a noisy bed.

Solution 5: LUBRICATE INSIDE OF BOX SPRING. Remove mattress, flip box spring upward to get access to the felt cover. Tear a small hole into the center of the felt material of the box spring. Spray your lubricating spray on each of the springs and elsewhere to eliminate chafing of metal or wood. Use a stapler to reattach the felt backing. Test to see if the squeaking has silenced.

Solution 6: BUY NEW MATTRESS. If your mattress and box spring are worn out then it is most likely time to spend some money and buy a new set. Buying a memory foam mattress can sometimes be cheaper than a traditional mattress and can be more comfortable too!


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