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How To Fix A Toilet – Water Fill Valve Replacement DIY

Having trouble with your toilet not filling with water after you flush? Most commonly the toilet water fill valve (aka – toilet flush valve) will need to be replaced. Sometimes removing and replacing the toilet flapper valve will also need to be completed if both parts are not working properly. The toilet fill valve replacement cost should be under $20 dollars including all the parts and supplies needed to do the job yourself. The 3 most common brands and repair part makers for toilets is Kohler, Toto, and American Standard. These 3 brands of toilets will accept most universal toilet repair parts so you will not have to buy the exact same brand name parts. Most home improvement stores such as the Home Depot will have just about every type of toilet repair parts and supplies that you will need to fix, repair, or replace the water fill valve yourself. To save you money, we recommend purchasing a Universal Toilet Water Fill Valve as these universal (meaning can be used on any toilet) water valves can be installed into 98% of all toilets. A universal water filling valve for your toilet will cost you about $15 dollars online or at your local hardware store. Here is a toilet repair video that can help you replace your water fill valve assembly.

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What Does The Toilet Water Fill Valve Do? The fill valve controls the amount of water that goes into the tank of your toilet. There are different types of fill valves in toilets as it will be a ball valve type or the newer universal type called a Fluidmaster. The older style ball valve is a plastic ball connected to a bendable metal rod that opens and closes the water fill valve. When the ball is moved up and down by the water level it opens a water valve that allows the tank to fill with water. The new kind of fill valve is usually called a Fluidmaster and it is a round plastic cylinder float that lowers and opens the water valve allowing water to come into the tank. Your water fill valve assembly should be replaced if it does not shut off properly, will not refill your toilet with water, has become damaged, or is heavily corroded.


Before you go out and buy a new water fill valve assembly, try these steps first to make sure you really have to replace the valve.
1: Water Supply ON? Make sure the water coming from the wall into your toilet is turned ON (fully open counterclockwise). This is the small silver water ON/OFF valve that is under your toilet. Make sure it has not been turned to the off position (all the way clockwise and tight).
2: Water Fill Valve Jammed? It is possible for the water fill valve “float” to get stuck. There are many ways this can happen. Remove the toilet top lid and make sure there is nothing preventing the fill valve float from moving up or down freely.
3: Water Fill Valve Adjusted Properly? On SOME water fill valves there will be an area at the base of it to adjust the height of the float. Simply check to make sure that it is adjusted properly so the water is able to flow into the tank.
4: Old Style Fill Valve “Ball” Float To Low? On the old style ball float water valves, it can sometimes thread itself off or the corroded metal arm it threads into becomes bent. Make sure the ball float is adjusted properly by bending the metal arm to get the correct adjustment for the water level.

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Universal Toilet Fill Valve – Easy Replacement And Fits Most Toilets

Replacing Your Toilet Water Fill Valve:
To remove a toilet water fill valve you must first turn off the water line to the toilet and then flush the toilet. Loosen the plastic nut on the bottom of the toilet tank. NOTE: Water will be in the tank so it is recommended to use something under the toilet to catch the dripping water. Inside the toilet water tank twist the plastic round piece counter clockwise (near the bottom part of the valve) and it should become loose. There is also a rubber washer under the valve that seals it allowing no water to leak out onto your bathroom floor, save this in case the new one is not the correct size. Once the old valve is removed, replace it with a new universal style fill valve. Adjust the height and put the new water fill valve into your toilet and secure it by tightening the plastic nut to hold it in place. The nut at the bottom of the toilet holds the valve in place and also the water line coming into your toilet. Tighten this nut and make sure the valve assembly is seated properly so it does not leak. Turn on the water to the toilet and make sure it fills properly and flushes properly. Adjust the water fill valve as necessary (see instructions on the box). Check for water leaks behind the toilet and tighten any nuts or fittings as needed.

Here is a downloadable .PDF that you can view that has a highly detailed step-by-step procedure for removing and replacing your toilet fill valve. These are the instructions for the most common universal water fill valve replacement and will help you every step of the way.

Toilet Repair Video

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