Legit Way To Opt Out Of Yellow Pages PhoneBook Delivery

There is one legit way to save a tree and stop Yellow Pages delivery. Opt-out by using the approved websites that actually communicate with the phone book companies. Whether you are in the USA or Canada the approved websites we have listed below will help you to never receive the Yellow pages again. So save a tree and keep some space on your shelves and tell the Yellow pages to stop and cease delivery for good.

yellow pages opt outFor people in the USA, click the image above to be taken to
the legit and approved “Yellow Pages OPT-OUT” website.

To opt-out of Yellow pages delivery in Canada, click the link here and type in your address to stop delivery.

To opt-out of Yellow pages delivery in USA, click the link here and type in your address zip code to stop delivery.

If you have already stopped phone book delivery but you have many old phone books that you want to recycle, click here to find out how.

cancel yellow and white pages deliveryYou will be given the option to choose which phone books you do not want delivered.
The above image is a sample of how it will be displayed when choosing.

NOTE: The links on this page will also stop delivery of the White pages if you choose. Once you type in your address and information, you will be given the option to stop ALL phone book deliveries. Just choose the appropriate options and delivery of the White and Yellow pages will STOP.

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