DIY Elevated Kids Bed Frame With Storage Area

Need more storage space in your kids room? Here is a great DIY project that just about anyone can do. An elevated kids bed frame with plenty of storage underneath for toys and more. This project can be built in a child’s room or any room in your home where you wish to have more storage. All you will need is the wood, simple tools, and the space to build it. You can make the bed higher (for more storage) or lower (for less storage). We have the dimensions below but this is just a guide to the dimensions in the pictures. You should build your storage bed to the dimensions that fit the room you are building in. See below for the step-by-step pictures.

Dimensions of this elevated storage bed frame DIY:
Floor to top of bed frame50 inches high
Length of bed78 inches
Width of bed58 inches
Storage doorway45 x 26 inches
Internal storage space75 x 70 inches (145 cubic feet)
Full size mattress72 x 52 inches
Wood size used 2 x 4 and 2 x 6

DIY Elevated Bed Frame With Storage Underneath_02Measure out the area where the bed will be, cut the wood, and lay the wood out to visualize.
This is a good time to make DIY wood shelving as seen in the picture.

DIY Elevated Bed Frame With Storage Underneath_01Begin attaching the wood frame together with wood screws.

DIY Elevated Bed Frame With Storage Underneath_03It is best to build this in a corner so it can be attached to the wall.

DIY Elevated Bed Frame With Storage Underneath_04Continue assembling the bed frame making sure everything is square.

DIY Elevated Bed Frame With Storage Underneath_05Add on the wood for the bottom base and secure to the floor if desired.

DIY Elevated Bed Frame With Storage Underneath_06Continue building by adding the panels for the sides of the storage area.
You will need to construct a door or cut an entrance to enter the storage area.

DIY Elevated Bed Frame With Storage Underneath_07Full size mattress has been put atop frame to test sturdiness.

DIY Elevated Bed Frame With Storage Underneath_08Add some side panels to the bed to make it safe for a child to sleep on.

DIY Elevated Bed Frame With Storage Underneath_09Here is the door to the storage area with a lockable mechanism added.

DIY Elevated Bed Frame With Storage Underneath_10Here is the bed frame complete with wooden stairs, side safety panel and shelving.

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