Great Way To Hide Outdoor Trash And Recycle Bins

If your trash and recycle bins are always visible from the front of your house, here is a great way to hide those ugly garbage bins. By building a block wall and a concrete “garbage” slab, you can hide your ugly garbage and recycle cans from sight. For this project you will need multiple bags of concrete, gravel, cement, stucco, blocks, tiles, and other assorted consumables. This is a great weekend project that can take from 2 to 6 days depending on certain factors (drying and cure time). See below for a quick step-by-step process on how to build an outdoor “hide” wall. If you do not have any experience with concrete or brick… Here is how to pour a concrete slab and how to build a block wall help pages.

Way to hide outside trash recycle bins_02Measure out the area for your garbage bins, dig out the dirt, and create a frame using wood.

Way to hide outside trash recycle bins_01Once framed, spill in some gravel to make a base for the concrete slab.

Way to hide outside trash recycle bins_03Mix the concrete in a bucket or wheel barrel then pour and level the concrete to fill in the frame.

Way to hide outside trash recycle bins_04Make a slight angle on the concrete slab for rain to stay away from accumulating at the base of house.
Give the concrete slab time to fully cure before proceeding which will usually be 2 to 5 days.
Cover with tarp to avoid dust, dirt, and rain from disturbing it while curing.

Way to hide outside trash recycle bins_05Once the concrete slab is cured, remove the wooden frame.
Next the block wall needs to be built. Build your block wall as high as you need to hide the bins.

Way to hide outside trash recycle bins_06Once the block wall is built and is the proper height, add capstone to the top for an even nicer look.

Way to hide outside trash recycle bins_07Let the concrete/cement on your block wall cure before applying stucco.
Once wall is cured, apply stucco as per instructions on the material package.

Way to hide outside trash recycle bins_08Add texture to stucco to try and match your homes exterior walls to blend in.
If needed paint the stucco the same color as your home to match.

Way to hide outside trash recycle bins_09Optional: Add tile to the concrete slab for a beautiful custom look.

Way to hide outside trash recycle bins_10Add a ramp so the bins can roll onto the tiled concrete “hide” slab.
Once everything is cured, and dry, hide your bins on it and you have completed this DIY project!

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