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How To Fix A Smoke Detector

This DIY fix guide will show you how to fix a smoke detector that is beeping, chirping, or has become detached. The most startling and annoying thing that can happen out of nowhere, is when your smoke detector starts to beep or chirp while you are asleep! It will scare you and wake you up. The beeping just means it is TIME TO REPLACE THE BATTERY. Here is how to quickly make it stop chirping! If the detector is NOT hard wired, simply spin it to the left and pull downward. (Some smoke detectors are hinged and all you need to do is release the clip to open the top cover to access the battery.) You will see a small door where the battery is located. Remove the battery inside. This will make it stop beeping! Please remember to replace the battery ASAP for your safety.


A beeping smoke alarm (detector) means that your battery has become drained and it is time to replace it. Most smoke detectors take a 9 volt battery. If your detector is chirping, you simply need to remove and replace the battery. On some smoke detectors you may be able to simply press a button and reset it. If the detector is malfunctioning and the battery is fine, you may need to replace the complete unit. They are relatively cheap when replacing the stand-alone units that simply attach where you choose. The hard wired units are more expensive but more reliable.


There are some older smoke detectors that are hard wired and also have a battery. Sometimes a hardwired detector will beep if power is lost even though the battery is still inserted and working fine. If your detector is hard wired and the power goes out, you can simply just wait for the power to turn back on for the chirping to stop. This may not be the case for every single old smoke alarm so you may need to do further research.

How To Change Smoke Detector Battery For Hardwired

Smoke Detector Battery Replacement

If you are unsure how to remove your smoke detector, simply grab the detector and “spin” or turn it to the left. This will remove it from the 3 holes and it will come off. You will now be able to access the battery. The small battery door should be labeled. Simply pull back on the little door and open. The battery will be inside. Remove and replace it with a new battery. Make sure the battery is making contact correctly. A 9 volt battery only can go one way. Once the new battery is installed, close the battery door. Grab the detector and put the 3 attach points back into the 3 holes and turn right to lock it back in place.


Once your smoke detector is working properly, make sure to test to make sure it is working by pressing the “test” button. This button will make the detector beep to let you know it is working and keeping you safe. It is best to check it every month to make sure the battery is good and the detector is working properly.


If you need to add more smoke detectors to your home, see the chart above. Having a smoke detector in every bedroom is the BEST way to keep everyone safe in your house!

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  1. DIY Project Help Tips

    Why not just replace it with a simple less complicated and not so sensitive model that is battery operated and cheap? Are you able to replace it? Is it hard wired or just battery operated?

  2. My smoke detector makes beep all the time when there is a little bit of smoke! I can’t even imagine how to make it less sensitive! I have a model Schneider smoke detector. I’m afraid to damage something in it and service center refuses to help me, because of run out expire day! If you share with me some tutorials what to do i will be very thankful! Also i thought about low charge batteries for it but in the same time I’m scared to harm it!

  3. It’s actually really good to know that, if your smoke alarm starts to beep like that, then it means that the battery is drained. One or two of the detectors in my brother’s apartment has been beeping every few minutes for the last couple of days, and he couldn’t figure out how to get it to stop. I’ll have to let him know that it should quit after replacing the batteries inside it.

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