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How To Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Sneakers and shoes can be expensive. You need to figure out how to make the shoes last longer or forever if possible. A pair of average Nike running shoes in a mall shoe store will cost you around $75.00. If you have running shoes or tennis shoes that you wear to workout or run, we will show you how to maintain them and make them last longer.

how to make your nike shoes last longer

1. Clean and condition your shoes.

Shoes should be cleaned by hand and never put directly into water. Never put your shoes into a washing machine. Use a special soft cloth and the best sneaker cleaner you can find. Use the cloth and remove any scuff, stains or dirt. Clean away large dirt marks with a brush after the dirt is dry. You can also use vinegar with your soft cloth to clean your shoes. A high quality shoe conditioner is a great way to condition your shoes once they are clean. Conditioning your shoes protects them from dirt and scuffs. Conditioning also helps to keep the colors bright and the shine alive. It is recommended to use a shoe conditioner right after you clean your sneakers.

2. Never EVER put your shoes in the dryer.

The heat from the dryer and the tumbling will break down your shoe’s material. This causes premature cracks in the shoes by excessively drying them out. When you wash your shoes by hand, wipe off any excess water and let them air dry.

3. Protect the inside of your shoes.

This can be done by buying memory foam insoles. These insoles can help reduce the forces exerted on the bottom of the inside of the shoe. The added insoles inside your shoes will wear out instead of your actual shoe. When this happens, throw the insoles away and replace with them new ones. This will greatly increase the life of your pair of shoes. These particular shoe insoles are the recommended choice. Insoles are a great choice for skate shoes as the memory foam will absorb some of the downward force.

4. Store your shoes in ideal temperatures.

Extreme temperatures can cause your shoes to wear out faster. Do not leave them outside if they are not on your feet! Do not leave them inside a freezing car in the winter or in a burning hot garage in the summer. The varying temperatures can make the shoe material harden thus breaking the shoe down faster. This means your Nike shoes will need to be replaced sooner therefore costing you extra money.

5. Wear your shoes only while running or exercising.

You will need to replace your shoes after a certain amount of time. Do not add any extra mileage. Even if it’s just from leisure walking around. Use your gym shoes just for the gym and your running shoes just for running. This keeps them from getting unnecessary wear and tear.

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Here is what Nike says to clean shoes:
Remove excess dirt first using a soft brush (shoe brush or old toothbrush) to clean out sole.
Mix warmed water and small amount of detergent to create a soapy mixture.
Apply a small amount of the water and detergent mixture to a sponge and clean the areas.
Apply a small amount of warmed water to a second sponge to remove any extra detergent from shoe.
Air dry your shoes at room temperature.

Note: It may not be possible to make your running shoes last longer than they were meant to last. With the proper care you should be able to make the most of their estimated lifespan. This will also result in a more comfortable shoe while you are using them.

If you have a suggestion about the subject of good methods of cleaning Nike shoes or tennis shoes, please leave a comment below to help others find better ways to maintain their shoes.

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