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How To Cool Down a Room As Fast As Possible?

Whats the best way to cool down a room as fast as possible?

cool down a room

If the temperature in your room is already warm, the first thing to do is remove the heat. This will require running your air conditioning or opening windows. The room may have absorbed lots of heat from the sun heating up the walls. It may be that the room is hotter than outside (depending on time of day). This is usually the case when you come home from work. You may have set your A/C on a higher temperature setting to save money. If that’s the case, you need to open the windows to push out the hot air. Turn on a ceiling fan or oscillating fan to move the air around. Open the window in that room (if the temp is warmer in the room than outside).

Items in your room that create heat:
Your room may also be unnecessarily warm because of things in your room. Computers release lots of heat. Turn off any computers when not using them. Turn the lights off or dim them if possible. Light bulbs give off heat and if there are many of them, this will raise the temp. If you have piles of clothing or other clutter, this can absorb heat as well. No clutter means more space for the heat to dissipate. Be sure your drapes or blinds on your window are closed. You do not want direct sunlight coming in. If you have the A/C on, make sure the air conditioner vent is all the way open.

Things to do to keep the room cool:
Darkening your home with insulated draperies also keeps a room cooler. Leave the ceiling or any fan on (when you are home) to constantly move the air around. Put a tray of ice in front of a desk fan to cool the room faster. If possible, you can try preventing the heat from entering a certain room by covering the exterior windows. There are heat resistant screens you can install on the outside. Plant a tree or build a shed in that area so the sun gets absorbed. If it is morning, you can open the windows as the temperature outside is cooler. As the temperature goes up, close all windows and turn on A/C if needed. You can add tint to an inside window to also absorb heat and block bright sunlight from entering.

Cool yourself down:
While waiting for the room to cool down, drink cold water. This will cool you down from the inside. A bandana dipped in cool water and then put around your neck works too. The water on the bandana evaporates and creates a cooling effect thus cooling you down. Don’t wear a hat. Wearing a hat when indoors prevents much of your body heat from leaving your body. A hat blocks the heat from trying to escape and thus leaves you warmer.

Keeping your complete home cool:
Keep the whole home cool by installing a house fan in your attic. These fans will pull the air from outside and circulates it. You can also run the fan the other way and it will pull the warmth out of the house and push it outside. This can cool down your home for less cost than running an air conditioner. This method is obviously for when the temperature permits. If you live somewhere where the temperature is hot in the summer, running an A/C is your best bet. If you stay in just one room you can install a window A/C and cool only that room to save money.

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