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How Do I Remove Watermarks And Cup Rings From Wood Surfaces?

When you have to remove a watermark ring on your wood furniture from a cup of coffee or a watermark from a spill, it can be removed using different types of methods. Removing a watermark from wooden furniture, a wood table, wood veneer, or a wood floor is easy. Try and see if you can tell how deep the watermark is in the wood. The color of the watermark stain should give you a clue to how deep it has penetrated into the wood. Below we will show you some tips and tricks to remove the watermark on your wooden furniture or floor for good.

How To Remove Watermarks From Wooden FurnitureHow To Remove Watermarks From Wooden Furniture

A watermark stain on wood from liquid is mostly always a white or light colored watermark. The white color means the watermark has not gotten through the wax or polish on the wood surface. This is a good sign as the watermark stain is not deep meaning it will be easier to get rid of.

Here are a few methods to remove white and light color water mark stains and rings on wood surfaces…

The easiest and most efficient way to remove a watermark from wood furniture:
Use an oil based furniture polish and rub with a cloth in a circular motion. The oil from the furniture polish should be able to penetrate deep enough to remove the white watermark or circular ring on the wooden surface. If the watermark goes away then you have succeeded. If not continue reading below to find more solutions.

wood furniture polishWood furniture polish – Great for removing watermark circles on wood

If the wooden furniture still has a watermark after using the oil based furniture polish, then we have a few more methods for removal below…

You can try to remove the white circles or rings from cups or spills on wood furniture:
1 – Simply mix up equal parts of olive oil & vinegar. Use a dish cloth and apply it going in the same direction as the wood grain. Get a new clean soft dish cloth and rub lightly until it becomes shiny and the white circle is gone.

2 – Get a wet dish cloth and put a small amount of toothpaste on the cloth. Now rub the watermark in gentle circles to remove the stain. The reason to use toothpaste is that it usually has a tiny bit of abrasives that may help to remove the stain. After using the toothpaste, wipe the complete table with a furniture polish to coat the complete table and uniform the wood pattern.

3 – You can also try mixing baking soda and toothpaste together as a 50/50 mixture. Combine the baking soda and toothpaste with a damp dish cloth. Rub the watermark until it is removed from the wooden area. Wipe down with a furniture polish afterwards to clean the table and uniform the pattern of the wood.

4 – Try using a small piece of wire wool. Use a fine grade. Polish the watermark with the wire wool back and forth. The stain may go away but there may be a smear of the top layer of the wooden finish. To get the area of wood to look the same as the rest of the wood, use a soft cloth and some cotton wool. Get some furniture polish and add it to the cotton wool ball. Get it so the cotton wool ball is lightly soaked in the furniture polish. Polish the complete table area and the watermark will disappear.

How To Remove Watermarks or Cup Rings from Furniture DIY Tips

wood floor polishWood floor polish – Great for removing marks on a wood floor

Do you have questions about how to remove a really deep watermark stain on your wood table or floor? Ask your questions below!

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