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How To Defog Your Cars Windshield Fast And Keep It Fog Free

Do you have an issue with your cars windshield always fogging up making it hard to see? Wondering what the best defogger, heat, defrost, and AC settings are for your car to defog? Here are some tips and tricks that will save you time in the mornings when you have a foggy windshield.

how to defog a foggy windshield fastHow to defog a foggy windshield fast

The best way to make your windshield more fog free to prepare for future driving is to FIRST clean the windshield with a window cleaner on the inside of the windshield. Do this many times to get off any type of dirt or grime that may be on the inner windshield. Make sure to clean any of the window cleaning residue off to avoid streaks that will blind you when you drive in the direction of the setting sun. Once the windshield is clean, get a product called Rain-X for interior auto glass. Use the product on the inside of the windshield after it is perfectly clean. Once applied, you will notice that after cleaning and using the Rain-X product that your windshield will not get as foggy anymore or it will be minimized. When the weather is cold and if the fog forms on your windshield, it will clear away ultra fast.

Rain-X Interior Car Glass Anti-FogRain-X Interior Car Glass Anti-Fog

How to defog your cars windshield ASAP?:
Your cars defrost mode is the fastest way to defrost or defog your windshield. When it is raining turn on the car defrost. When it is morning and there is dew or frost on the windshield turn on the defrost.

What is the best car climate control settings to defog windshield?:
If fog does appear on your windshield use the defrost/defogger option but make sure the recycled air button is NOT on. Recycling the air in the car will not let the moisture out as fast as letting in air from the outside of the car. You could also have your car cabins air filter clogged, damp, or moldy. A clogged car cabin air filter will restrict the airflow when you are trying to defog your windscreen or windshield. Be sure to replace your cars cabin air filter according to driving habits and conditions. Replacing your cars cabin air filter will also reduce any bad smells in your car. A car cabin air filter can reduce smells of food, mold, crayon smell (reported in VW cars), and other smells like smoke. Your cars cabin air filter is what filters the outside air coming into your air vents.

car cabin air filtersDefog in cars fresh air mode not working fast enough to clear your windshield?
Replace your cars cabin air filter to assure full unrestricted air flow!

Condensation on the inside of the windshield?
When the condensation on your windshield is heavy turn the blower on and set it to blow on the windshield using your car air climate controls. The lower the humidity of the air blowing over the windshield the better. Use as much blowing air as possible and use warm air in most situations. Warm air carries more water than cold air which helps to remove water with air. It will heat up the windshield fast and this reduces condensation so it will not come back when you turn down the airflow. If the air conditioner in the car is ON it acts as a dehumidifier.

Condensation on the outside of the windshield?
Turn on the blower and set to warm. This will work properly when the engine is warm. Turn it on right when you start the car so that you don’t blow hot air on a cold windshield when you turn it on later.

Not sure where the condensation is?
Turn on the air conditioning and set it to blow on the windshield and set to warm. When the car warms on your windshield will be clear of any fog or condensation. Make sure the fan is blowing air out of the defog vents. If not there may be a problem with the controls to get the air going in the right place. If the controls are working properly the cars AC should automatically come on in defrost mode. The defrost in most cars work the best in the heat position.

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Do you have a question or comment about defogging or removing condensation from your cars windshield as fast as possible? Please leave a question or comment below.

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