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How To Hide Your Phone Number On iPhone And Android Phones

You may want to know how do you make a call private or how to hide your number on a cell phone. There are many different ways to do this. The easiest is by adding a few numerical prefix digits in front of the number you are calling. You can also… Change the settings on your phone to block the caller ID function. Use apps that will hide or conceal your number making it private, 000-000-0000, or unknown to the person you are calling. Use a temporary or “burner” number.

Hide phone number - iPhone AndroidHide phone number – iPhone Android

Use numerical digits (prefix) before the phone number you are calling

The easiest way to hide your phone number on iPhone or Android:

1. In the United States: Dial *67 before the phone number you are dialing.
(*67 will not work when calling toll free numbers (800 and 888) and emergency services such as 911)

2. In the United Kingdom (UK) or Ireland: Dial 141 before the phone number you are dialing.

3. In Australia or New Zealand (NZ): Dial 1831 before the phone number you are dialing.

BONUS: You can also to using these prefix digits before the number you are calling: #37# and *37#
PRIVACY NOTE: Before you use the hide number methods above, call someone you know and ask how your phone number shows up as first.

iPhone unknown calleriPhone unknown caller

Unknown caller on Android phoneUnknown caller on Android phone

Use the settings on your smartphone to hide your number

General Method: Go into your phone’s settings and find “Hide or Block my number”.

iPhone Method: For an iPhone, the setting is under “Phone” in Settings and it says Show/Hide my caller ID.
(Go to Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID and turn it off)
NOTE: When you make a call, you will have to change this option depending on who you are calling.

iphone hide your phone numberiPhone hide your phone number

Android Phone Method: For an Android phone, the setting is under “Phone App” in settings and it says Caller ID.
(Go to Phone App > Touch More (3 dots) > Settings > Caller Id by Google > Slide switch to off)
NOTE: Depending on what version of Android you have, this may be slightly different.

turn off caller id on Android phoneTurn off caller id on Android phone

Use an app to hide your phone number

1. For iPhone use the following apps:

Pinger TextfreeFree Texting, Free Calling App

HushedFree Phone Number for Anonymous Texting, Calling and Discreet Pictures

NumflixFree Phone Number On Demand for Private Messages and Calls

CallmaskFree Private Number for Texting and Calls

2. For Android phones use the following apps:

Hide Phone Number Caller ID

Private SMS & CallHide Text

HiddenCallHide your Number

Hide Number(Caller Id)

Use a temporary disposable “burner” phone number

burner appBurner app for iPhone or Android

Use an app like Burner. It is free for Burner for iPhones and Burner for Android. You get 20 minutes of talk time and 60 texts free for a week.

NOTE: Remember that some phones do no accept private calls, therefore the persons phone may never ring or they may never know you called.

Do you have questions on how to make you phone number not show when you call someone? Please leave a question below and we can help.

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