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Light Bulbs For Microwave – Refrigerator – Oven – Range Hoods – Clothes Dryers

Finding an appliance replacement bulb is easy using our guide below. You will find a large variety of replacement appliance light bulbs for your brand and model of appliance. The most popular appliance replacement bulbs are for microwaves, range hoods, refrigerators, ovens, clothes dryers, stove top ranges, & exhaust fans. We will explain some details you need to know about appliance light bulbs to help you choose the correct replacement bulb and the most common bulbs that are replaced.

Appliance Light Bulbs - Find Your Replacement BulbAppliance Light Bulbs – Find Your Appliance Replacement Bulb

PLEASE NOTE: The replacement bulb recommendations below are most common. However, the appliance light bulb you need will depend on what your actual appliance requires. Be sure the bulb you are buying matches the specifications for wattage, voltage, and size for the appliance bulb you are replacing. Most appliance light bulbs are 25 to 40w.

The 5 most replaced appliance light bulbs are:
1. Light bulbs that go below the microwave (vent or night light) mounted above the oven or stove.
The microwave replacement light bulbs below will fit on GE, Whirlpool, Kenmore Elite, Etc… They can be bought online or at Lowe’s or Home Depot.
2. Light bulbs that go in a typical refrigerator/freezer.
3. Light bulbs that go inside of an oven.
4. Light bulbs that go inside a microwave.
5. Light bulbs that go in a clothes dryer.

Light bulb for under microwave

Most common replacement light bulb needed for under the microwave built in lighting:
40 Watt T8 130 Volt Intermediate Base Light Bulb


Refigerator light bulb replacement

Most common replacement light bulb needed for inside a refrigerator:
40 Watt 415-Lumen A15 Light Bulb with Medium Base



Replacement light bulb for inside oven3. OVEN LIGHT BULB
Most common replacement light bulb needed for inside an oven:
Clear Appliance 40-Watt A15 Medium Base Light Bulb High Temperature


Light bulb for inside microwave4. INSIDE MICROWAVE LIGHT BULB
Most common replacement light bulb needed for inside a microwave:
GE Universal 125V 20W light bulb with base
NOTE: Microwaves are equipped with an internal light that turns on when the door is opened.
Also when the microwave is operating.
This bulb is usually a small halogen light or incandescent lamp.


Light bulb for inside dryer5. INSIDE CLOTHES DRYER LIGHT BULB
Most common replacement light bulb needed for inside a clothes dryer:
GE Universal Dryer Light Bulb 10W 120V
(Replacement light for burned out light bulbs on the inside of the dryer)

If the common appliance replacement bulbs above are not what you need for your appliance, have a look at the bulb picture below to find the exact appliance light bulb you need.

Appliance light bulbsAppliance light bulbs

MORE INFORMATION: Appliance bulbs have specifications for an exact fit, long life, and safety for the particular appliance.

1 – Most microwaves, ovens and ranges use a screw base E26 bulb with the A15 glass shape. When replacing bulbs for these types of appliances you need to use a bulb rated for high heat. The type of bulb that is recommended for these types of appliances are halogen or incandescent bulbs.

2 – Exhaust fans and range hoods use a twist lock base. The twist and lock base is used where vibration is present such as a fan running.

If you need other appliance light bulbs or need to find the correct light bulb in your microwave, oven, dryer, or refrigerator, please leave a question below and we will help you find the bulb you need for your appliance.

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7 thoughts on “Light Bulbs For Microwave – Refrigerator – Oven – Range Hoods – Clothes Dryers”

  1. Linda Andrews

    Need cooktop light bulb for microwave WMH31017HZ05 serial TRX4651166 please let me know bulb number and wattage

  2. Hi, I have just had my microwave light bulb replaced by my local electrician but it seems a bit
    dull ? My microwave is a Kenwood K30GMS18 900 watt 30 litre with a grill. I wondered if I could get a brighter bulb or the max wattage, I think the current bulb is 15 watt but it sems rather dull. I did order one off a website advertising Kenwood at 20 watts but my electrician said the screw thread was too thick diameter, so it seems the diameter is also a factor also. I
    have tried contacting Kenwood but I need to talk to a good technician that knows what they are
    talking about. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dennis

  3. I am in Ecuador. I need a bulb for a vent hood, Hove model AH0476, it is a 40watt. I don’t have one to compare as it was gone when I moved in. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

  4. The 40-watt A15 bulb in my Kenmore oven/range has almost no room around its cavity and cannot be gripped on its sides with my fingers. Do you have a tool that will grip that size bulb where it is located so it can be safely removed.

    Suction cup? Other? How that placement could have been designed that way is beyond me.

    Also, is it true that a brass-base bulb is better so it will not fuse with the socket?

    Thank you.

  5. I have a microwave above my stove. The light that needs to be replaced is the light under the microwave that shines on the stove top. The microwave details are as follows :
    Model # : AMV2307PFS-0
    Serial # : TR 7 02 13956
    I did not have a light bulb when I moved in, so I have nothing to compare it to. Any help is appreciated.

  6. DIY Project Help Tips

    Tom Gorkoff,
    You may have a bad bulb, bad wiring in the dryer to the light bulb socket or the dryer needs a 10 watt appliance bulb.

  7. I replaced a dead 10 watt dryer light bulb with a new 6 watt bulb. The light will not go on?

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