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GE Electric Dryer Starts When Turning START Knob But STOPS When Released

My GE electric dryer stops when start knob released. My particular GE Clothes Dryer has a start knob instead of a start button. When it worked properly you turned the knob clockwise and the dryer will start then let go of the knob. The knob returns to its normal position, but the dryer continues to run.

Now the GE dryer will START when I turn the knob, but the dryer will STOPS as soon as I release the knob. When the dryer was working, I would have to run the dryer 2 times to dry my clothes. Could both of these problems be related?

 GE Electric Dryer Starts When Turning START Knob But STOPS When Released - How To FixGE Electric Dryer Starts When Turning START Knob But STOPS When Released

Problem now with my GE Dryer

The GE dryer starts up when I turn the knob, but then it will stop when I let go of the knob. When the dryer was working, it was taking the clothes 2 times longer to dry.

I would have to run the dryer 2 times to fully dry my clothing. Is it possible this could be part of the problem with my GE dryer? Both of these 2 problems started at almost the same time so would that mean one problem caused the other problem?

I now use a piece of duct tape to hold the “ON” knob to stay in place. The dryer works this way sometimes. I am near the dryer during all cycles to make sure nothing stops or goes wrong. I have checked out my GE dryer and there is no weird sounds, smells, and looked broken or out of place.

The dryer drum turns when holding the dryer door button and running the dryer. There is heat and blowing. I have searched the internet for this problem and I found different suggestions for the switch or knob problem. I am not able to find a solution for these 2 issues which is the switch and slow drying of clothes problem.

Dryer not heating

-Is the dryer in LOW HEAT cycle mode?
If so change the setting to high heat mode.
-What dryer cycle were you using for the dryer to dry your clothing 2 using 2 dry cycles.
-Was it Timed, Heated Sensor, Iron Dry Damp Dry.
-If so change to the proper heat setting.
-Check the vent behind the dryer for blockage and outside your home for adequate airflow.
-If clogged clean it out and test again.

GE Dryer Control PanelGE Dryer Control Panel
General GE Dryer Panel – Some models differ

Dryer knob not working properly

-After removing power, remove the service panel and check the idler pulley spring switch.
-While inspecting inside, check the motor centrifugal switch.
-Check the motor relay as this can be part of the issue if loose or faulty.
-These 3 components or parts are what fail the most in your GE dryer and cause the problems you have described.

Dryer parts that can cause issues

The dryer knob could be cracked or misalignedThe dryer knob could be cracked or misaligned
If the knob is cracked it may not stay in place and cause issues



Clothes dryer idler pulleyClothes dryer idler pulley
The idler pulley spring switch is in place so if the belt breaks the dryer will not work



Clothes Dryer centrifugal switch is part of the motor designThe centrifugal switch is part of the motor design
The centrifugal switch works with how the AC motor starts and runs


Motor Relay for DryerMotor Relay for Dryer
The motor relay is where the wires connect too and if one is loose or damaged the dryer may not work

Have questions on your GE dryer? Please leave a comment below and we will assist.

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5 thoughts on “GE Electric Dryer Starts When Turning START Knob But STOPS When Released”

  1. Was anyone able to determine the solution to the question above? I have the same issue with my old GE dryer. The dryer starts when turning the start knob but stops when released. Drum turns and dryer heats up fine. Thanks.

  2. My twelve year old GE electric dryer 212D1630P016 runs and heats while I am holding the start knob on then stops when released. It does not have a control board just component parts. I replaced the start knob switch but the problem continues. I’ve seen that it could be a relay switch but where is it located?

  3. My DPSR405EA dryer had a broken switch. I replaced it and have the same problem. Only holding on the start switch will allow the dryer to run,

  4. GE Electric dryer, Changed the belt and now the dryer ONLY runs when the start button is held. No problems before the belt change, which kicked my butt in difficulty.

  5. I have the same problem described above. My GE dryer will not stay on unless you hold the starter knob in the on position. I bought a replacement switch and installed it thinking it was the switch. After installing the switch the dryer continues to run only after you turn the knob and then hold It in the on position.

    In looking at the solutions above I then held the switch on and put an object inside. The drum still turns so it can’t be the belt.
    Do you think it’s the centrifugal switch or the motor relay. Hate just buying parts without zeroing in on the cause.
    It’s a GE model DBXR463ED2WW dryer.

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