PS4 Turning Off By Itself – 10 Common Causes You Can Fix Yourself

Question: My Sony PlayStation 4 keeps shutting off by itself at random times. I have had it for over a year. I have been using it daily and everything was fine until I had TURNING OFF issues. I was playing Call Of Duty online and my PS4 would freeze up and then crash and turn off. After this happened I turned it back ON and OFF a few times and I saw a blue light for a couple seconds and then it shuts off again. I thought maybe it was a cable issue. I changed the HDMI to a different port and that did not fix the problem so I bought a new HDMI cable and used in a different port on my Samsung TV. The same thing happens. At times I can get it to work if I turn it ON and OFF a few times manually.

The issue is now that when playing my PS4 for a few hours either online or in a single player campaign mode, the PS4 will just randomly keep turning OFF all by itself. Sometimes it doesn’t happen for weeks, and other times it happens every few hours. At times it makes a screeching noise and then it turns off. If it is not a cable issue, what can cause my PS4 to shut off at random times? Could it be a defective part inside the console? It is only a year old and this should not be happening! I need to know what can be the cause of a PlayStation PS4 to turn off by itself so I can continue to use my PS4 and enjoy all of the many games I have purchased. Sony wanting from $200 to $250 to send my console back to repair it but I cannot afford that much. Please help me solve my problem myself.

PS4 Keeps Turning Off By Itself – How To FixPS4 Keeps Turning Off By Itself – How To Fix

Answer: – Here is what can cause a Sony PlayStation 4 to turn OFF randomly…
-If that does not fix the problem:
-Be sure your PS4 system is up to date.
-Go into SYSTEM and be sure you have the latest system firmware.

If the FULL INITIALIZATION or REBUILD DATABASE did not work, see the common issues that will make your PS4 turn off by itself…

  1. The power cord can disconnect or become loose from the electrical wall outlet – Check the power cord that goes to the wall and be sure it is secure and not damaged.
  2. The power cord on the power bar can disconnect or become loose from the power bar – Check the power cord that goes to the power bar and be sure it is secure and not damaged.
  3. The power cord that connects to the back of the PS4 can disconnect or become loose – Check the power cord that goes to the PS4 and be sure it is secure and not damaged.
  4. If the PS4 is plugged into a power strip, remove it and plug the PS4 directly into the wall outlet to be sure the power strip is not causing the issue.
  5. Make sure your PS4 is in a well ventilated area as if it cannot release the heat properly, it will overheat and shutdown to prevent causing damage.
  6. Check the fan area of the PS4 to be sure it is not blocked – If the fan is blocked then it cannot dispel the hot air properly and will overheat and turn OFF.
  7. If you are using the PS4 in an area where you have pets or are in a dirty area, then most likely hair and other particles may have gotten into the PS4 and blocked the fan from the inside.
  8. Dust or dirt may have gotten into the PS4 and has caked up on the boards and fan – Thus causing overheat after a period of time.
  9. Use a can of compressed air and let the compressed air flow into the air intake of the PS4 and use the compressed air where the fan is located to remove any dust or dirt buildup.
  10. Make sure the cooling fan is spinning – You may have a burned out fan and that is causing the overheat and shut off problem – Buy a replacement fan if needed.

Replacement Internal Cooling Fan for PS4PS4 Replacement Internal Cooling Fan


Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 - Cooling Fan Controller Charging StationTry this cooling fan charging station to help keep your PS4 cool and not overheat
Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 – Cooling Fan Controller Charging Station


Here are a few videos that will help you fix your PS4

PS4 Turns On And Off – DIY Fix


PS4 blue light of death – How to fix?


How to fix PS4 Not turning on (Blinking Orange or blue light)


-If you are not voiding the warranty, unplug the PS4 and take it apart – Remove just the top portion to get to the inside.
-Do not touch any parts of the circuit boards with your hands – Use gloves when working to be safe.
-Once you have the top “shell” off of the PS4 – Then use the compressed air to blow away and out any dust, dirt, or hair.
-Make sure ALL the dirt, dust, and hair is removed from the fan, the boards, and the inside of the PS4 to be sure dirt or dust is not causing the overheat issue.
-Once the inside of the PS4 is completely free of dirt and dust – Carefully put the PS4 back together and test it.

NOTE: When you have the PS4 apart, be sure the fan spins by hand just to be sure it is not locked up.
If the fan is not working, purchase a new fan and install it yourself – Installing a new fan in your PS4 is very easy and inexpensive.

Some PS4 owners report they use a small external fan to help keep the PS4 cool by blowing air on it or to help pull the hot air out. Get a small fan and put it right behind or in front of the PS4 and put the fan on high. This should not be necessary but many PS4 owners have said this has kept the PS4 cool and it solved the shut off by itself problem.

Need help with your PS4? Leave a question below and we will have our PS4 experts answer your questions.

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1 Manuel January 14, 2019 at 12:41 am

My ps4 all of a sudden doesn’t read any game new or old it says unrecognizable disk why and wht can i do to fix it please help


2 Aaron Matthew November 25, 2018 at 10:37 pm

I have a year and a half ps4 slim 500 gb. It’s not old and I don’t play that often due to my Schedule. I had the system on for quite some time to run Spotify while I studied and then later tried to play a few quick rounds of rocket league before bed. The system decided to shut down while loading the game. No real warming. It just shut off. I couldn’t get it back on with the controller alone so waited and I hooked it and plugged it back in. It came on and then shut down again! I can get it on and mess around with some apps like Netflix and such but when I play a game for simply like 5 mins it decides to shut off randomly! What is the deal? I’m not a tech guy but I did pop the top and air can the fan to be safe. I’m pretty sure it isn’t a heat issue. I have it in a well ventilated space. What should I do? Thanks


3 David February 24, 2019 at 1:32 am

Take the fan top off make sure it’s plugged in and turn it on see if the fan works if the fan don’t spin that isn’t the problem


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