Refrigerator Is Working But Fridge Light Is Not Working – No Light In Refrigerator

No light in refrigerator? If your refrigerator is working properly overall. Such as the fridge is cooling in the fridge and is freezing in the freezer, but the light in fridge or freezer does not work. Usually this means the light bulb is bad. This may seem simple but many times it can be another problem and simply replacing the refrigerator light bulb will not fix the problem. Below we will show you the most likely issue to least likely issue so you can fix the light yourself and only have to troubleshoot the fridge if needed.

Refrigerator Is Working But Fridge Light Is Not Working - No Light In RefrigeratorRefrigerator Is Working But Fridge Light Is Not Working – No Light In Refrigerator

1 – Replace the refrigerator light bulb(s):

If the light in your refrigerator is not working, obviously the first thing to do is remove the light and replace it with a new one. If you do not have an extra light bulb for your fridge, simply check the bulb to see if it is bad by checking the filament. Shake the bulb lightly, do you hear the small pieces moving around? If so it is bad. Replace the bulb.

Refrigerator Light BulbsRefrigerator Light Bulbs

If replacing the light bulb does not bring light into the fridge, BE SURE THE LIGHT BULB IS GOOD… If so you either have a bad light bulb socket, a door switch issue, or a wiring issue somewhere in the refrigerator.

2 – Inspect, test and or replace the refrigerator light bulb socket(s):

Check the light bulb socket to be sure it is in working order. You can usually check visually by looking for any discolored or bent terminals, wires that are damaged, wires that are not connected, a cracked light socket, or a damaged light socket from heat over time. These issues can make it so the connection from socket to bulb does not allow the bulb to illuminate. Remember to remove power before inspecting or checking a light socket in your refrigerator as it still has voltage going to it even if not working properly.

Refrigerator Light Bulb SocketsRefrigerator Light Bulb Sockets

3 – Check that the refrigerator door switch is not faulty:

A refrigerator door switch is what lets voltage go to the light bulb or bulbs in your fridge when you open the door. If after replacing the bulb you get no light, and the light socket checks to be in working order, you need to check the fridge door switch. The bulbs and light sockets may be perfectly fine, but if the door switch is faulty, it will seem like the inside of the fridge is not working. Depending on the model of your refrigerator, the door switch will be located somewhere on the interior edge of the fridge. Carefully remove the door switch and check for continuity with a meter. This type of switch is a spring loaded switch and for electricians it is a “Normally Closed” type switch, meaning the switch should have no continuity when pressed in.

Refrigerator Door SwitchRefrigerator Door Switch

If you have new light bulbs, working light sockets, and the fridge door switch is in working order, then you may have a wiring issue and further troubleshooting is needed.

If you have gotten this far and you still have issues with “no fridge light”, please leave the model number of your refrigerator below and we will be happy to research the issue for you and give you some advise as to how to fix the problem.

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1 Pierre Beauchamp December 5, 2017 at 10:37 pm

Refrigerator Tfx20r. Checked bulb, socket and door switch all those are good. What next? Is there a ground somewhere I’m missing?


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