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Refrigerator Is Working But Fridge Light Is Not Working

No light in refrigerator? If your refrigerator is working properly overall such as the fridge is cooling and the freezer is freezing, but the light in fridge or freezer does not work, here is how to fix it.

Usually this means the light bulb is bad. This may seem simple but many times it can be another problem and simply replacing the refrigerator light bulb will not fix the problem. Below we will show you the most likely issue so you can fix the light yourself.

Refrigerator Is Working But Fridge Light Is Not Working - No Light In RefrigeratorRefrigerator Is Working But Light Is Not Working
No Light In Refrigerator

1 – Replace the refrigerator light bulb(s):

If the light in your refrigerator is not working, obviously the first thing to do is remove the light and replace it with a new one. If you do not have an extra light bulb for your fridge, simply check the bulb to see if it is bad by checking the filament. Shake the bulb lightly, do you hear the small pieces moving around? If so it is bad. Replace the bulb.

Refrigerator Light BulbsRefrigerator Light Bulbs

If replacing the light bulb does not bring light into the fridge, BE SURE THE LIGHT BULB IS GOOD… If so you either have a bad light bulb socket, a door switch issue, or a wiring issue somewhere in the refrigerator.

2 – Inspect, test and or replace the refrigerator light bulb socket(s):

Check the light bulb socket to be sure it is in working order. You can usually check visually by looking for any discolored or bent terminals, wires that are damaged, wires that are not connected, a cracked light socket, or a damaged light socket from heat over time.

These issues can make it so the connection from socket to bulb does not allow the bulb to illuminate. Remember to remove power before inspecting or checking a light socket in your refrigerator as it still has voltage going to it even if not working properly.

Refrigerator Light Bulb SocketsRefrigerator Light Bulb Sockets

3 – Check that the refrigerator door switch is not faulty:

A refrigerator door switch is what lets voltage go to the light bulb or bulbs in your fridge when you open the door. If after replacing the bulb you get no light, and the light socket checks to be in working order, you need to check the fridge door switch.

The bulbs and light sockets may be perfectly fine, but if the door switch is faulty, it will seem like the inside of the fridge is not working. Depending on the model of your refrigerator, the door switch will be located somewhere on the interior edge of the fridge.

Carefully remove the door switch and check for continuity with a meter. This type of switch is a spring loaded switch and for electricians it is a “Normally Closed” type switch, meaning the switch should have no continuity when pressed in.

Refrigerator Door SwitchRefrigerator Door Switch

If you have new light bulbs, working light sockets, and the fridge door switch is in working order, then you may have a wiring issue and further troubleshooting is needed.

If you have gotten this far and you still have issues with “no fridge light”, please leave the model number of your refrigerator below and we will be happy to research the issue for you and give you some advise as to how to fix the problem.

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56 thoughts on “Refrigerator Is Working But Fridge Light Is Not Working”

  1. Debra, I just had a brand new Frigidaire side by side delivered 12/7/22 and the light never worked on the right side. Frigidare’s repairmen told me that this light cannot be fixed. They sent me a new frig and told me that I could keep the old one or throw it away. It worked great just no light.

  2. Just put a new globe in. The fridge is cold but I guess the switch isn’t functioning.


    Called the support number on the manual but they had no idea what this model was

  3. I have a Frigidaire model number FGUN2642LEO. The light bulb went out. I replaced the bulb and still not working. The light in bottom freezer is still working. What can I do next. This model has been discontinued.

  4. Nilo Solidarios

    I have lg French door refrigerator model # lfd 21860st. I don’t have lights in the fridge but I have lights in the freezer. Everything in the fridge is working except the lights. I unplug the lights socket and test no power coming out.

  5. Hi have you found the issue. I exactly the same problem with my LG lcf25760st model. Freezer lights work fine but not the refrigerator lights.

  6. Kenmore 253.60083411 and the refrigerator light isn’t working. We just bought a new bulb and confirmed it works in other outlets, the socket looks brand new, and the door switch doesn’t appear to be James or anything. It’s making the same slight click sound it always does when I push it.

    The fridge itself is working as normal, it’s just the light that isn’t turning on.

    Thank you for any information you can provide!

  7. Gibson GRT21PRC model.

    Light bulb is still good and replaced the door switch and light will still not come on. Might be a further wiring issue?

  8. I have a whirlpool model WRS325FDAM04 that I replaced the led in the fridge and freezer as well as the light switch, but still doesn’t consistently work. I tried putting plastic pieces by the switch to depression it more when closed, which helped initially but stopped working the next day. Any ideas would help. Thank you in advance

  9. Our Kenmore Refrigerator model# 795.77304600 suddenly has an intermittent light issue. The lights stay on or come on when the doors are closed and lights will sometimes shutoff when the doors are open, weird? Checked the switches and appear fine. Thinking a motherboard issue?

  10. Kenmore Refrigerator Model # 106.41123212.
    The top light in the fridge was taken out and they pulled the connectors off of the wires.
    Can I get new connectors or that part of the wiring and then solve them together to add the light?
    Without that light, none of the lights work.

  11. My Lg Fridge freezer model GA – M492YLQ wouldn’t stop beeping even though both fridge and freezers doos were shut. We managed to disconnect the beeper in the control box on top but now the lights have all gone off! Please do you know how we can get the lights working again?

  12. We have a Kitchen Aid Refrigerator model KRMF706EBS01
    Our LED lights and selection button for the meat/drink drawer has quit.
    Any suggestions?

  13. Kenmore Elite Refrigerator: Mod.#795.77543600; Ser.#711KR00571: 2008 Purchase
    Refrigerator lights work intermittently. Bulbs are good. Door switches are good. The thermostat in-line with the lights seems to be the problem. Why is it in the circuit? In case the lights don’t turn off when the doors are closed? Can it be accessed by dropping the light assembly down by removing the two screws that hold it in place? If replacement not available, can it just be by-passed?

  14. Frigidaire gallery side by side refer freezer lights on refer side don’t go on sometimes they flicker on the go off all of them.
    Freezer lights work.
    There are 8 lights in refer they are not bulbs they are led on a circuit board behind pop in plastic lens.
    There are three very small squares that light up they are not bulbs!
    I replaced the switch on top hinge and I replaced the display panel on freezer door that was not showing all messages!
    I also replaced the control board under freezer section because repair man told me it was bad?
    Expensive although I did it myself.
    But still no lights not even flickering now!

  15. Frigidaire gallery # A05957005 when I open up the right side of the fridge the light will not come on when I open up the left side the light will come on and both lights right and left are lit up. I am just curious is there something wrong or does only opening up the left side operate the light. Brand new refrigerator just got delivered two days ago

  16. My KITCHEN AID Refrigerator Model Number: KRMF706ESS00 has several lights and they all go on and off when the doors open. When I close the doors I see a message on the water/ice panel “PO” I assume means power off. The frig is working except for the lights. The frig is only 18 months old.

  17. I have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator.
    All the lights are not working, but the refrigerator still blows cold both freezer and fridge.
    I tested the voltage coming from the sockets and it read 3 volts.
    I’m trying to find the fuse box that controls the lights so I know what fuse to check.
    Can someone help me with my Kenmore Elite refrigerator?

  18. For every body out there with light not working but fridge is cold issue. I had the same issue. A two-pack of new bulbs from the local big box later and squat. My own over my head light went on. Tested the bulbs with a living room lamp and whaddaya know, bad bulbs-even the new ones. Just a heads up before any one starts paying outrageous prices to have a skilled repairperson charge 200 bucks to change a lightbulb

  19. I have a question about my Frigidaire model # FFHT2131QE0 the light wont work we bought a new light bulb still doesnt work. Also the alarm stopped working on the switch???

  20. Hello,

    I have a Frigidaire Model FFHI1831QS1 and I have replaced the socket, bulb and switch. Still can’t get the light to turn on.

  21. I have a GE Profile, Model #TBX19PASMRWW. Light not working. changed out light socket and switch, still no light. Is there a fuse or circuit board in the fridge? Thank you.

  22. Sherdie Allin

    I have a hotpoint model # CTX21DABRRWW that the light went. replaced bulb, put a new switch in and still no light. where do I go from here, thanks

  23. I have a Whirlpool side by side model #WRS322FNAH01 ….refrigerator doesn’t cool and then after so long the freezer doesn’t either…i defrosted the freezer coils and they both worked for a few days and then the refrigerator stopped cooling….cool air comes through to the refrigerator when the freezer door is open….freezer and fridge lights also flicker sometimes….what can I do?

  24. I have Sears Kenmore elite model 106.54782803 and light went out in fridge and replaced both bulbs and checked door switch but still no lights.
    Weird that freezer light is out to.
    Could it be that fixed is bad before I call repairman?

  25. Rf265aabp Samsung refrigerator. The freezer light is out. Replaced the bulb and the switch. Any further advice?

  26. I still have problems fixing my refrigerator light and it keeps turning itself on and off after an hour and it is not cooling to much.
    My fridge model is master SJ-195L.

  27. Hi,
    I’ve been trying for awhile to figure out my “no light” problem. I tested the bulb in another socket and it lights up, I replaced the socket and switch and still nothing. Any help would be much appreciated. The model is Amana TL20MW. Thanks

  28. Justin Selepack

    I have a 2011 Kemore model 795.79304.901. The lights in the freezer and fridge go out. If I unplug it and plug it back in then the lights work. After about 1 hour or maybe sooner, not sure, when I open the fridge or freezer the lights don’t work. So it’s not the bulb, socket or door switch. Also the fridge is warm, but the freezer is temporarily keeping things frozen, 1 week, but at 40 ish degrees and the fridge is 50 ish. Therefore the ice maker is not working either. I removed the back panel and the coils are not frozen, the fan works and the channel to the fridge is clear, not clogged. I’m going to check the thermostat, but whats with the lights then? Any advise?

  29. Frigidaire model PLHT219SCB7 Serial 4A70906224
    I’ve replaced the bulb, socket and switch, but still no light. Help, please.

  30. Hi,
    I have a 3 1/2 year old Whirlpool side by side refrigerator – Model # WRS325FDAB06: The two LED Lights inside the fridge part are very dim, and the one in the freezer is totally out – I replaced the door switch (refrigerator side) but problem remained the same…..Everything else seems to be working fine, including the filter status light inside refrigerator and the ice maker panel lights on the outside door of the freezer. I searched my manual and it says the bulbs cannot be replaced and I should contact a repairman. Trying to avoid a big expense – especially since this is not a very old appliance (plus the extended warranty ran out May of this year). Any troubleshooting advise would be greatly appreciated: Whirlpool has not been very helpful in this situation….Thanks :)

  31. Discovered the circuit board located in the deli drawer was bad. I opted to disconnect the wire harness at the board. Lights have been working just fine. Board would have cost upwards of $300.

  32. Make: Rangemater
    Model #: SxS 84210000220

    I have a Rangemaster SxS 84210000220. Fridge & Freezer works fine, however the lights on both sides does not work. I changed light bulbs on both sides, no joy. I then ordered a new door switch and replaced the one on the fridge side but it didn’t help either.

    Do you have any suggestions what could’ve gone wrong?


  33. LG model lfx21960st. Freezer drawer light is fine. Fridge light went out. Replaced bulb still not working. Don’t have a meter to check door switches but with doors open and pushing in both switches, fridge blower comes on. Took top hinges off to make sure connections were tight. Still no light. Ideas?

  34. Alejandro Hernandez


  35. My whirlpool has the same repair man disconnect the deli control board, ours is in the drawer. Lights works! Didn’t want to spend $300+ on this item. Everything works fine.

  36. Whirlpool fridge/ freezer – side by side.
    none of the 3 LED lights are working. They flickered a few days ago and then all stopped working
    Model wrs322fdam04

  37. Hi I have a Kitchen aid fridge model # KFIS27CXMS1 . The fridge led light is not working. I have tested the switch with is good. No power coming to the led light plug .
    The fridge and freezer are working well , all the display is working good.
    I rest the fridge to factory setting too and the led light still didn’t come ON.
    Need help fixing this led light in fridge.

  38. Hitachi refrigerator-freezer
    Model no R – S37SVND
    Serial no: 2180400130

    The interior light bulb and socket need replacing. I live in India.

    Hitachi has shut down it’s refrigerator section and I’m unable to get the part.Can you please help by suggesting where and how I can get a replacement part?

    The fridge, freezer and door alarm are all working fine. Many thanks.

  39. Hi I have a fridge light problem, new bulb no joy, connector looks in tact not damaged, but I can’t find the door switch, please advise, fridge is Samsung RL41WGPS, thanks!

  40. Whirlpool GI5FSAXVY02. Checked bulb, socket and door switch. None of the inside lights are working and they went Out at different times … any suggestions are appreciated !

  41. Whirlpool fridge model #WRV986FDEM01.
    All LED lights on the inside are out. Has multiple door switches. Door chime no longer works and Water does not discharge.
    Had a red notice light that looked like door was open that had an “x” on it as well.
    Other lights/options in door are on.
    Turned power off turned back on red light
    Fridge seems to be cooling properly.

  42. Kenmore 795.76203.901. Frig and freezer lights quit at the same time … bulbs ok. Seems odd both would go out at the same time. Cooling and freezing normally. I’ve replaced the frig door switch about a year ago. Frig is 5 yrs old.

  43. Older Sears/Kenmore fridge/freezer #61521. Bulb, socket and switch are in order with no light. Any hope for this old girl? No info found so far through Google.

  44. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Debra Houck,
    Hi – You cannot find the location of the switch in the Frigidaire side by side refrigerator or you need the part number to replace it?

  45. I have a a Frigidaire side by side refrigerator with a faulty fridge side light switch. I can find the switch in the freezer but not in the refrigerator! Frigidaire can’t even help me. The model is FSC23LR5JM1. Can you help me??

  46. light not working in frigidaire refrigerator model number FRT8HIS6FWO.
    Checked the socket , it’s fine and still not working. Switch also looks good.

  47. Make: Frigidaire
    Model: FFHS2611LWKA
    I’ve replaced the bulb and the light socket and neither option has worked. Every other function is working fine except the fridge light. Haven’t tested the socket for power because I don’t have the tools. The switch also seems to be working fine. Any advice would be great.

  48. GFE28GMKBES 18 month old GE. dropped a jar on the inside and it jolted the LED lights dark. Spoke with a technician and he thought it was a transformer issue?

  49. I have a 20 year old Amana Top Freezer Refridgerator. Model # TH21VL The light in both the fridge and freezer stopped working at the same time. Everything else seems to be operating properly. The bulbs look fine.

  50. Make: Whirlpool
    Model: Gs6shexnl00
    Both lights and temperature indicators not working. Checked door switch and it’s fine.
    Not sure where to go from here.
    Fridge is working fine.
    Seems like no power to switch.

  51. Make: Whirlpool
    Model: Gs6shexnl00
    Both lights and temperature indicators not working. Checked door switch and it’s fine.
    Not sure where to go from here.
    Fridge is working fine.
    Seems like no power to switch.

  52. Our Regridgerator Model is LG LFX25950SB and top inside lights are not working.
    1. It has two bulbs and I removed the bulb and tested them. They have same house bulb thread and they work fine in home.
    2. I understand that switches are also good as it has two switchs ( one in both doors) and when doors are left open for a long time fridge starts beeping. This function is working fine, which tells me switches are working fine.
    3. I have also tested the socket with a multimeter and they have connectivity on both wires.
    Which could be wrong in this case?

  53. Pierre Beauchamp

    Refrigerator Tfx20r. Checked bulb, socket and door switch all those are good. What next? Is there a ground somewhere I’m missing?

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