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LG Refrigerator Error Code Er FF – How To Clear?

What does LG Fridge Er FF code mean? If your LG Refrigerator is displaying the Er FF error code this means there may be an issue with the freezer fan. The buildup of frost in the freezer can sometimes cause this error code to display on your LG fridge. Basically the freezer fan gets frozen and cannot function properly. Below we will explain all the reasons why your LG refrigerator is displaying the Er FF error code…

LG Refrigerator Error Code Er FFLG Refrigerator Error Code Er FF

Unplug the LG fridge and wait 20 minutes – Plug back into power – Many times the code will clear or reset. If not keep reading below…

-The majority of the time it is the freezer fan causing the Er FF error code. The FF error code indicates that the freezer fan motor is defective. You can also get this code if ice is preventing the fan from turning.

-For LG French Door refrigerators, check the gaskets around the doors for damage or possibly the gasket is coming off the fridge door.

-If you find there is frost building up on the walls of the freezer section, you can level the fridge and or the refrigerator doors as something may be off center or not completely level.

Most common reasons an LG refrigerator displays Er FF error code:
1 – Freezer fan is faulty or covered in frost – remove frost or replace freezer fan.
2 – The door gaskets are damaged or coming off and need to be replaced.
3 – The doors are not aligned the or refrigerator is not level and causing an issue – level the fridge and align the doors.

NOTE: Here is how to properly level your LG Refrigerator and Align the doors.

Here is the LG Manuals and Documents page to find your exact LG refrigerator manual in PDF form. Simply type in your model number and you will find more answers.

Once you find out the issue, Here is the LG refrigerator freezer fan and the door gaskets…

LG Refrigerator Freezer Fan Evaporator MotorLG Refrigerator Freezer Fan Evaporator Motor



LG Electronic Refrigerator Door Gasket AssemblyLG Electronic Refrigerator Door Gasket Assembly


If you still need more assistance, Call an LG Support Representative at the phone number – 800 243-0000
Consumer Electronics, Appliances, Mobile Phones, Monitors, Data Storage, Window/Wall/Portable A/C (7 am – Midnight CST)
Support in Spanish (8 am – 6 pm CST).


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Need help fixing your LG refrigerator? Please leave your question below and we will be happy to assist.

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6 thoughts on “LG Refrigerator Error Code Er FF – How To Clear?”

  1. That’s probably the sound of the fan hitting the ice. Sometimes you’ll also hear a “clicking” sound from the top of the unit, which is the switch/solenoid trying to start the jammed fan.

  2. This has happened to me several times, The first time it occurred I called LG who advised that the Freezer was no longer under warranty and they don’t make those fans anymore so I’d need to buy new freezer. Mmm, instead I pulled the various components out and found that the freezer fan was frozen over. I poured some hot water on it and it was fixed. It recurs every year or so but rather than pull the various parts out and melt the ice with hot water you can force very hot air down the narrow slit at the back of the freezer compartment with a hair dryer to melt the ice (turn the Freezer off first). Better than buying a new freezer!

  3. Not only am I getting the Er FF code but there is major excessive noise coming from it. I read some info about unplugging it for at least 20 minutes and it will usually reset, but only reset for about an hour. As for re excessive noise, I had researched that it could be the motor fans in the compressor needing lube and I had also researched that the freezer fan could either be frozen over or defective. Any advice? The noise is driving me crazy and I am afraid of the whole thing finally breaking down and ruining a lot of food.

  4. FF error appeared a few months ago before , turned off fridge for one day , turned back on . Fridge back to order for a couple months before FF appeared . Tried again but not much luck this time .Turned off again and turned back on, FF message disappeared for a few hours only this time , then came back again . Fridge is cold . Is it defective freezer fan ? No frost build up , doors are leveled , gasket looked ok . Pls help . Thanks

  5. Good day! Please assist. My LG Inverter Linear is displaying error CODE. Light not switching on inside and its not getting cold. What could be wrong?

  6. Trying to fix lg lfx31925 st with ER FF. Already replaced fan motor and fan. Gaskets are good. Error code has returned after motor and fan replacement. Must be something else. Fan tries to run but fails.

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