20 Best WordPress Caching Plugins To Speed Up Your Website

How can I speed up my WordPress site? Best WordPress Caching Plugins. Fast page load = More views = More revenue. If you own a website, you may be confused by a lot of the internet terminology that comes along with it. You want to speed up your website but finding the right plug-in takes effort, and with so many things to learn, you don’t know where to start. A caching plugin may be just what you need. your product or service.

20 Best Caching Plugins For WordPress - Speed Up Your Website

Best WordPress Caching Plugins: Caching is a type of hardware that stores data so it can be retrieved faster later. Caching plug-ins do this by securing a static version of your blog that decreases load times and speeds up your WordPress site. This way, visitors to your blog won’t have to wait those crucial seconds that could make or break Luckily, there are many plug-ins available for beginner and more advanced WordPress users that offer different capabilities to help eliminate load times and attract visitors to your homepage.

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1. WP Rocket

Ranked as AThemes’ fastest caching plugin, WP Rocket soars above its competitors by offering tons of smart features like database optimization and GZIP compression (which saves bandwidth). You’ll have to pay a license fee in order to use it, but the amount you’ll gain in speed may just be worth it.

best rated wordpress cache pluginBest rated wordpress cache plugin – WP ROCKET

2. Cache Enabler

For a free, easy-to-use caching plugin, try Cache Enabler. Its simple interface has only four settings — cache expiry, cache behavior, minification, and cache exclusions. Perfect for beginners or those who don’t want to manage an abundance of confusing features.

3. W3 Total Cache

A sort of “cache-all” of cache plug-ins, W3 Total Cache possesses a multitude of features, including caching of pages, feeds, fragments, and search results pages, as well as CDN (Content Delivery Network) Integration which can help generate greater, faster access to your content. It’s highly recommended for more advanced WordPress users.

4. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is another excellent option for beginners. While it has fewer caching options that W3 Total Cache, you’ll have access to both Easy and Advanced setting options. It’s also considered one of the fastest caches available.

5. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is similar to its competitors in many aspects. It uses mod_rewrite to speed up your blog site (WP Super Cache has that as an option.) In addition, minification and GZIP compression are a part of this plug-in’s features. If you’re looking for more customization options that the other beginner plug-ins without being overwhelmed, WP Fastest Cache is your go-to option.

6. Comet Cache

Formerly ZenCache, Comet Cache’s ingenious model has made it a welcome option among its users. This plug-in captures your data (whether posts, links, etc.) by taking a snapshot of it and storing it which cuts down on load times. You’ll be able to cache 404 requests and RSS feeds among other things with this out-of-this-world plug-in.

7. Cachify

Like Cache Enabler, Cachify is a straight-forward plug-in that gives you faster speed without all the hassle of adjusting settings. It’s available in 6 languages and has over 20,000 installations currently.

8. Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is run solely on PHP rather than mod_rewrite and utilizes less complicated configuration. For this reason, it’s become popular, garnering over 40,000 installations.

9. LiteSpeed Cache

Another PHP-serviced cache, LiteSpeed cache prides itself on being superior to its competitors because it’s built into the server. LiteSpeed also has many of the same features including database optimization, browser cache, and the ability to minify CSS and JavaScript, making it a solid choice for your website.

10. Fresh Performance Cache

Good for businesses, Fresh Performance Cache features white label admin, where you can add your own custom logo. This will tailor your website to better present your brand to your clients. However, it does require a license fee to run.

11. Alpha Cache

If PHP-driven caches are too expensive, Alpha Cache may be worth a look. Using this plug-in, you can enable and disable cache for certain users and even set up cache timing. Alpha Cache is one of the easier WordPress options while still possessing a few interesting features in its arsenal.

12. Simple Cache

Overwhelmed by all these features? Do you want a cache that allows for one click and you’re done? Then Simple Cache is the plug-in for you. Simple Cache has one on/off switch for caching and it also has GZIP compression. For the easiest of caches, make it Simple.

13. Breeze Cache

Breeze is a fairly new cache plug-in, offering features of the others caches on market for free. It works across WordPress, as well as WordPress Multisite, and WordPress with WooCommerce. But its stand-out feature is its support for Varnish, a type of HTTP accelerator for content-rich websites.

14. Varnish Caching

Speaking of Varnish, Varnish Caching is also available for Varnish users. If your website is really pulling in traffic, choose Varnish Caching to help speed it up. This plug-in also purges old content when it’s ready to be modified and updated.

15. Powered Cache

Powered cache provides a host of features that make it an outstanding plug-in choice. It’s easy to install and comes with logged-in user cache, object caching, GZIP support, page caching, and smart cache purging. With such a variety of cool features, Powered Cache is a powerhouse!

16. Gator Cache

One of the best plug-ins for page caching, Gator Cache chomps at the bit to give you fast speeds and automatically updated content. Gator Cache is compatible with WordPress Multisite, WooCommerce, WordPress HTTPS, and many others. Fresh, new content is just within reach!

17. WordPress Cache and CDN Plugin

The name says it all. This plug-in works with 3 CDNs — JavaScript, CSS, and images. Plus, it also has a database clean-up function for removing comment spam.

18. Blunt Cache

If your focus is on fragment and object caching, you need to consider Blunt Cache. With it installed, you’ll be able to capture the HTML output of each section of code. You can even clear your cache and add unique key names for objects you stored. If I’m being blunt, this is a good option for your website.

19. WP Super Minify

Specifically for inline JavaScript and CSS, WP Super Minify compresses these languages to improve the speed of your site. If you encounter any issues, you can also disable it at any time.

20. WPBase Cache

WPBase Cache is a nifty plugin that works with varnish, nginx, php-fpm, and php-apc to effectively drive your website. For those with any of the above servers, this is a very helpful plug-in. 3 types of caches are available as well — full page cache, database cache, and opcode cache.

Cache WordPress PluginsCache WordPress Plugins

Speeding up your website is simple with these cache plugins. Beginners and experienced WordPress users have plenty of options at their disposable for decreasing load times and increasing traffic. Experiment and discover which cache works best for your needs.

NOTE: Use GtMetrix, WebSpeedPageTest, or Pingdom to see if you could benefit from caching your WordPress blog or website.

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