How To Remove Pet Hair From Clothing – Reduce Pet Fur In Your Home

My cat and dog shed tons of hair. The hair gets all over my clothes and on my furniture. Right now I use a pet glove to remove the hair and it does not work very well. What is an easy and fast way to remove pet hair from clothing?

Pet hair removal

A pet shedding hair is a fact of life. It may not be possible to stop your pet from shedding, but there are some things you can do to MINIMIZE the hair sticking to your clothing. Also we list some methods to PREVENT hair from clinging to your clothes and furniture…

Before we go further into how to remove pet hair, to keep the pet hair at a minimum, vacuum your floors daily. To make vacuuming the floor easier, consider getting a cordless vacuum that mounts to the wall. This makes the vacuum more accessible and always ready to go. A cordless and lightweight vacuum can make your life easier and absolutely reduce the amount of pet hair in your home.

Cordless vacuum for pet hairCordless Vacuum Cleaner – Vacuum for Pet Hair

How to remove pet hair from your clothing

Lint Roller – Most Common Way
Use a lint roller to remove any pet fur on your clothing.
You will need to remove the roller layers as you roll.
This is the fastest easiest way to remove pet fur.
HINT: Buy your lint rollers at the dollar store to save money.

Duct Tape
Using duct tape upside down can also be a useful tool.
Wrap the duct tape upside down on a paper towel cardboard tube.
Roll the homemade pet hair roller over the pet hair.
The hair will be removed and stick to the tape.
Peel the pet hair tape off and reload the tube to continue removing the pet hair.

Dry Sponge
Use a clean and dry kitchen sponge.
Rub the sponge on the surface that contains pet hair.
The rubbing of the sponge on your clothing or furniture will clump the hair up.
Once the hair is clumped up, it is easily removed.

Rubber Gloves
Put the gloves on and make sure they are dry.
Rub your hands over the clothing or furniture that has pet hair.
The gloves rubbing on the surface of your clothing or furniture will ball up the hair.
The pet fur clumps up and can be easily removed.

Canister Vacuum
Use a canister vacuum to suck the hair off your clothing.
Apply the correct tip to the vacuum and evenly glide the vac over your clothing.
HINT: If you vacuum the floor on a normal basis, it will cut down on the pet fur problem.

Pet Hair Glove
Special gloves have been created to remove pet hair.
These gloves have a special surface that balls up pet fur.
The pet hair gloves work well and are available at an affordable price.

Damp Hands
Get your hands wet and remove any excess water.
Swipe your hand using a downward movement over the pet hair on your clothing.
The hair will ball up and make it easy to remove.

Velcro Lint Brush
The velcro type lint brushes work well on furniture and clothing.
These special brushes are created to remove lint but work well removing pet hair.

Pet Hair Roller
Removes pet hair easily from couches, clothing, comforters, blankets and more.
Pet Hair Remover Tool – CHOM CHOM – No need for sticky tapes or adhesive paper.

Best Way to Remove Pet Hair

How to prevent pet hair from sticking to clothing

White Distilled Vinegar
Add 1/2 of a cup of white distilled vinegar to your washing machine.
Add it at the beginning of the rinse cycle.
This method helps to reduce static electricity in all clothing.
By reducing static electricity, the hair will be less likely to stick to your clothes.

Brush Your Pet
If you brush your pet daily, the hair in your home will be reduced.
This is a preventative method that will reduce the amount of hair floating around your home.
The less hair in your home means less hair on your clothing.

Dryer Sheets
Dryer sheets remove pet fur from clothing.
Adding dryer sheets to your dryer helps to remove hair from your clothing.
Dryer sheets reduce static cling, therefore the pet hair is less likely to stick.

Anti Static Spray
Spray clothing with static spray.
Anti static spray helps to reduce static electricity.
Reducing static electricity will make it less likely the pet hair will cling to your clothes.

Clothing Storage
Keep clothes in a closet or dresser.
Storing clothing without an enclosure will attract pet hair.
Store your clothes behind a closed door or safely in a drawer.

Do you have better easy ways to remove or prevent pet hair from clothing? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Karen Biernacki

    I use a damp wash cloth and run it over my clothes. The dampness loosens the hair and I try to collect in the cloth. Shake out cloth outside and re-dampen to continue hair removal or get another cloth and wash the first one.

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