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Why Does My Dryer Squeak?


Does your dryer squeak when you run any drying cycle? A squeaky dryer might be a sign of a malfunctioning dryer component or part. Using the dryer causes wear on certain important parts. The squeaking noise may worsen if you do not check certain areas of the dryer for problems. Here are the most common causes of a squeaking dryer so you can figure out why your dryer is making noise.

Fix squeaking dryerHow to fix a squeaking dryer?


If you’re hearing strange squeak noises from your dryer, start with these first:

Objects in dryer – A squeaking or noisy dryer might be caused by objects knocking around the drum during a drying cycle if they’ve fallen out of your clothing and are making noise. You may have left some change in a jean pocket and this object is the reason for the noise. Examine the drum for items like pocket change or another item that may be banging around in the drum. Remove any objects from the drum to stop the noise.

Legs of dryer adjustment – A squeaky drying cycle may be caused by dryer legs that have become misaligned. Over a certain amount of use or time the dryer may not be level to the floor. This causes the dryer to wobble back and forth and will produce the squeaking noises. Check the 4 dryer legs under the dryer. Be sure all 4 of the legs come into contact with the floor. You may need a crescent wrench to move the legs. Apply the wrench to the nut on the leg and turn the leg to level the dryer to the floor. HINT: Use a bubble level on top of the dryer to be sure it is level to the floor.

Lint filter gap – The lint filter may also capture items from the dryer drum. Remove the lint filter and look down the gap. If you find a foreign object stuck in the lint filter gap, unplug the dryer, wait for it to cool down and remove the object. You may need to use needle-nose pliers or a similar tool to get the item out.

Dryer screw came loose – A loose screw could be the cause of your dryer squeaking. If a screw comes loose over time and is rattling on the side of the dryer (or internally), this can cause noises or squeaks. Examine all the screws or bolts that hold the dryer together. If you find a screw or bolt loose and causing the noise, tighten the screw or bolt to stop the noise from reoccurring.

How To Figure Out What Is Causing Dryer To Squeak


You can also have a squeaking dryer be the fault of defective or worn-out dryer components. To localize the source of the squeak, start by listening to where the noise is coming from. A rattling noise from the top of the dryer indicates a drive belt problem, while noises coming from the rear signify drum bearing issues, and noises near to the ground indicate idler pulley or motor problems.

Dryer belt – A squeaky noise will be heard if the belt is worn out or the belt doesn’t grip the dryer drum properly and vibrates. If the belt is still in good condition you can use a belt spray to stop the squeak. If the belt worn out and is causing the squeaking noises, this is a good time to order a new dryer drive belt and remove and replace it to stop the noise from the dryer.

Dryer idler pulley – This wheel/pulley keeps tension on the dryer drive belt. If the idler pulley becomes damaged, it will make an audible squeak as a result of the friction on the drive belt. A new idler pulley should be installed if this occurs. If the wheel pulley’s bearing is making a squeaking noise, a can of lubricating spray may be enough to quiet it. Spray the bearing with a lubricating spray to silence the squeak.

Main motor/bearings – The main dryer motor contains bearings. These bearing can wear out and cause a loud squeaking squealing sound while the dryer is running. This is the motor that spins the drive shaft to make the drum turn. A squeaking dryer motor might develop into a grinding noise. A grinding noise coming from the dryer motor means the motor will have to be replaced as the bearings have become so worn out the dryer cannot operate properly.


If you have a dryer that is still squeaking, leave a comment below with your model number and exact issue. Dryers have several components that wear out over time, and they can squeak as a result. It’s difficult to figure out what’s making the noise. So let us help. Describe where on your dryer the sound is coming from and give us as much detail as possible and we can help.

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