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Can I Wall Mount My TV On One Stud?

Mounting your TV on the wall with only one stud. Can it be done? Yes. There are 2 ways to do this to be safe the TV is secure. If your home has fewer studs available or if there is not enough space between the studs will show you how to mount a TV using just one stud.

Can I Wall Mount My TV On One StudCan I Wall Mount My TV On One Stud?

In most homes, the wood studs in your homes wall are 16″ apart. In older homes it may be up to 24″ apart. So to center your TV on the wall, you may be forced to mount the TV to only one wood stud. We will explain 2 ways to do this.

This complete process will depend on the weight of the TV and the type of wall mount you are using. If the TV mount you are using does not cover over 2 wood studs on your wall and the studs are 16″ apart, you may have bought the wrong type or a smaller TV mount than needed. So, before drilling holes in the wall, research that you have the correct TV wall mount for the TV you are mounting. You may be able to mount using 2 studs but just have the wrong TV mount. The optimal way to mount a TV to the wall is using 2 or more wood studs.

What is the typical problem when having to use one stud to mount a TV?

I have a 55 inch Samsung TV and a TV mount that i need to hang on my wall. After measuring the wall and using a stud finder, I realized I have wall studs that are 24 inches apart. If I want the TV to be centered on the wall I will have to mount the TV to one stud using wall anchors. The stud is in the very middle of my wall where the TV is going to be mounted and the next stud on both sides is 24 inches away. The TV wall mount is not wide enough no matter how I place it. So mounting my TV to one stud is the only option.

Tools Needed To Mount TV:
Stud Finder – You will need a stud finder to initially find the wood studs in your wall, use the stud finder to locate the studs in your drywall so you know where you want to position the TV wall mount.
Bubble Level – Have a bubble leveler to be sure the TV wall mount is centered horizontally and vertically.
Drill – You will also need a drill either cordless or wired to make holes and screw in the bolts.
Drill Bits – Find the proper drill bit to make the hole the proper size for the toggle or lag bolts.
Tape Measure – To find the exact location of where you are going to drill/make holes.
Pencil – Mark the spots you will need to drill holes.

How to mount a TV to one stud?

Measure the wall and find the stud location so the TV will be centered. If you only have one stud to mount your TV, in most cases, you can use 2 heavy duty lag bolts to secure the TV mount into the the wood stud. After securing the lag bolts to hold the TV wall mount to the wall, check to see if it is secured to the wall by using your arms to put some weight on it. The TV wall mount should NOT move. Add extra weight support by using 4 heavy duty toggle bolts and secure them into the 4 outside corners of the bracket for more support into the drywall. Make sure to use lag bolts and toggle bolts rated for the weight of your TV. It is better to use bolts that have a higher weight holding ratio than your TV’s weight.

If your TV wall mount is wide bracket with multiple holes in it, consider using more then 4 toggle bolts in the drywall. The majority of the weight is on top of the TV wall mount. You can use 4 toggle bolts across the top of the TV mount and 1 toggle bolt in each corner on the bottom of the wall mount. Total of 6 toggle bolts. Have no studs to mount to? See how to mount your TV with no studs.

Other way to mount a TV to a wall with only one stud

Measure and cut a piece wood to be wide enough to cover over 2 studs. Cut the wood to be about 4 inches wider than the TV mount. You can use plywood, poplar, ash, or a solid wood board. The wood you cut will secure into another stud to span the space between the studs. Use 2 lag screws to secure the wood board to the one stud and 2 lag screws to secure the wood board to the other stud since you will be spanning 2 studs. You can then use smaller lag screws to secure the TV mount to the wood board.

If you follow the suggestions by the TV mount manufacturer and follow the directions and weight limitations these methods will be secure when completed properly. Always use the highest rated bolts for weight when mounting your TV to the wall. This TV wall mount method will vary by the type of TV wall mount you are using. Be sure you are using the correct TV wall mount for the type and weight of the TV and method of mounting.

Most TV wall mounting with only one stud can be accomplished with 2.5 inch lag bolts on the stud and 4 toggle bolts rated at 90 pounds or higher. This may very per application so check weights and positioning.

Have questions when mounting your TV to the wall with only one stud? Please leave your questions below and we can help.

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