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How To Center A TV When Mounting On The Wall

Center a TV mounted on the wall. A TV mounted to a wall looks aesthetically pleasing and you also get the benefit of reclaiming your floor space. However, it can be difficult trying to center the TV perfectly on the wall. This page will show you how to mount the TV in a fully centered position by following these simple steps.

How To Center A TV When Mounting On The WallHow To: Center A TV On The Wall

The following supplies, tools, and hardware are needed to mount your TV and get it centered. You may not need all the supplies on this list, but many TV wall mounts or specific installations will require at least these items.

TV Wall Mount Supplies Needed:

  • TV Mounting Bracket
  • Misc Hardware (Screws/Bolts)
  • Wall Saw (For cutting holes in drywall)
  • Bubble Level
  • Tape Measure
  • Powered Drill With Bit
  • Screwdriver (Phillips/Flat)
  • Socket Wrench (Depends on mount kit)
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Stud Finder (To find wood to drill into)

(SAFETY NOTE: Remember to always try to bolt or screw the TV wall mount into a wall stud or the TV may not be secure. Make sure to scan both sides of the stud you find and measure carefully to find the center of the stud for the most accurate secure position. If you cannot drill into the studs, use may use lag bolts or similar to get the most secure installation for your TV and wall mount.)

How To Center A TV On The Wall?

First you will need a TV wall mount that fits the size and weight of your TV. A universal TV wall mount should work, just be sure it will work with your specific television size.

Once you have selected the proper TV wall mount, position the wall mount where you want the television to be installed to get an idea of where it will go.

Be sure to get it in the best position so it is centered on the wall and up high enough to view the TV from all angles in the room.

NOTE: When mounting your TV, place any visible wires behind or below the screen to keep them out of sight.

1. Measure the distance from the bottom of the wall to where you want your TV to be mounted and mark this area with your pencil. Use a stud finder to be sure this area has a stud behind it (A stud is an internal wood support for the wall)

2. Once you have the pencil marks on the wall make sure that you use a bubble level to be sure the pencil marks are centered horizontally and vertically before drilling any holes.

3. Once you know the holes are aligned perfectly and are centered, drill the holes for the bolts or screws supplied with the wall mount kit. Drill into one of the studs in your desired TV mounting location.

4. Next, get the TV wall mounting kit and attach it to the wall securely using the hardware included. (You can use lag bolts if you cannot drill into a stud.)

5. Get your level and place it on top of the wall mount kit to be sure the mount itself is centered. If it is off by a small amount, loosen one or more of the attachment bolts and place the level back on the mount to assure it is level and centered, then re-tighten the mount to get it centered.

6. Before mounting the TV to the brackets or mounting kit, be sure to remove the TV stand if it is attached. You can remove the TV stand by removing 4 screws that hold it in place.

7. Once the mount is centered and on the wall, attach the the 2 large mounting hooks to the TV with the screws or bolts that came with the wall mount kit. You may have to use some of the small rubber washers with the included screws to get the mounting hooks to fit onto the back of your TV and get them attached securely.

8. When the mounting hooks are firmly attached to the back of your TV, you can now place it onto the mounting bracket on the wall. This may take 2 people depending on size and the height of where the TV is located.

9. Once the TV is on the wall, place the level on the top of the TV. Be sure it is centered and not tilted in any direction. If TV is centered, your job is done and you can now enjoy watching TV.

How to Properly Mount a TV to a Wall

How To Hide Ugly Wires From The TV?

If you are concerned about ugly wires hanging from the TV, you can make a hole in the wall to hide the wires or use plastic coverings to hide the wires. To camouflage the plastic coverings, you can paint them the same color as the wall. See the image below for how it can be done.

Hide Ugly TV Wires & CablesHide Ugly TV Wires & Cables

Cable Access Recessed Wall PlateRecessed Wall Plate To Hide TV Wires

You can also use a Cable Access Recessed Wall Plate as seen above. The low-profile design provides a neat and clean installation and removes unsightly wires and plug heads. This mounts in either direction to allow for top or bottom power cables, wires, and HDMI feeds.

Best TV Mounts

What Is The Best TV Wall Mount?

High quality TV mounts on the market come with all of the hardware you need. Find a TV mount that is rated for the weight and size of your TV. Before buying, look for the best reviews and you should be able to find a high quality mount for your TV.

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Have questions about centering your TV when wall mounting? Please leave us your questions below in the comment area. If you need help with hiding TV wires and cables, let us know. If you are planning on sawing holes in the drywall and using recessed wall plates to do it we can advise. We can give you good advice and tips to hide the ugly wires the right way.

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