TV Flat Screen Wall Mount Coming Out Of Wall – How To Fix?

I recently moved into a house with a wall mounted TV. The screws holding the TV wall mount are coming out of the wall. The TV is a large Samsung 50 inch LED Smart TV. I believe the TV is most likely too heavy for the wall to hold. I do not know how long the screws in the wall are. If the screws in the TV wall mount are long, will it hold the TV? Do I need to remount the TV into the wood studs? If there is a risk of this TV and wall mount falling off the wall, how do I fix this myself?

TV wall mount coming out of wallTV wall mount coming out of wall

The wall mount and TV are most likely not secured into a stud in the wall. The wall is drywall, and behind the drywall are the wood studs. You will NEED to have the wall mount secured into the wood studs. You need to remove the TV and the wall mount from the wall. Then get a stud finder, find the wood studs, and secure the wall mount into the wood stud.

Note: It is possible to secure your TV into just the drywall with the right drywall toggle screws or bolts but it is not recommended as a heavy TV on a pivoting TV wall mount can cause it to slip out from the wall. It can be done, but it is BEST to secure the TV wall mount into a wood stud. By securing the TV wall mount into a wooden stud, you will have assurance that the TV is not going to fall out of the wall since it is secured into the wood and not just the drywall.

Tv wall mount mounted into wood studsTV wall mount mounted into wood studs

Here are videos to show you exactly how to find the wood studs in your wall… with or without a stud finder.

Find a Wall Stud Without Using a Stud Finder

Stud finder Tutorial for Beginner: How to Locate the Stud in the Wall

How To Hang A TV Wall Mount

Before you attempt to remount your TV wall mount, we recommend getting a stud finder. Using a stud finder is the BEST way to safely secure your TV to the wall. If you DO NOT have a stud finder, you can knock on the wall to see if you feel the stud behind the wall. Most wood studs are from 16 to 24 inches apart. When you mount or remount your TV to the wall, mounting into a wood stud instead of just drywall will help to keep the TV secure and will not be a safety hazard.

Use a stud finder to mount your flat screen tvUse a stud finder to mount your flat screen tv!

If your TV wall mount is falling out, slipping out, or coming out of the wall, here is the step-by-step way to remove it and remount it:
1 – Remove the TV from the wall mount.
2 – Remove the wall mount from the wall. (If it is falling out of the wall you can either try just pulling it out or use a screwdriver and unscrew the screws)
3 – Use some drywall spackle and fill the holes where the TV mount was installed.
4 – Use a stud finder and finds where the wooden studs in the wall are located.
5 – Get the wall mount with new securing screws or bolts, and secure the TV wall mount into the wooden studs. (Be sure all the screws that hold the TV wall mount on the wall are secured into a wooden stud)
6 – Do a test to be sure the TV wall mount is completely secure on the wall by lifting up and down gently on the TV wall mount. (If completely secure in the wooden studs, continue to the next step)
7 – Mount the TV on the wall mount.
8 – If you have a swivel or pivot wall mount, make sure the TV is completely centered on the wall mount so the sides of the TV do not hit the wall when you re-position the screen.

If you have any problems with your wall mounted TV coming out, or falling out of the wall, please leave your question below and we can help to assist you to getting your wall mount secure.

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  1. Ariane Herbst

    65-70inch tv is mounted on the wall; the left bolts are in the wall stud and the right in dry wall. The upper right bolts ( mounted in the drywall) are pulling out. We got better wall plugs to re-install the tv ( the next wall stud is too far right). Can we re-install the tv 1-2 inches below the original wholes, using the same left wall stud?

    Thank you

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