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Samsung Dryer Error Codes Troubleshooting – Error Definitions How To Fix

If you are having trouble with your Samsung dryer, one of the first things you should do is check the error codes. If your Samsung Dryer is not working properly, it will display a code. The Samsung dryer’s error codes pinpoint the problem and where it may be found. Understanding these codes will aid you in diagnosing and resolving your dryer problems. The most frequent Samsung dryer faults, as well as how to repair them, are listed below.

Samsung dryer error codes troubleshootingSamsung dryer error codes troubleshooting

Do this first: Before diving into any error code descriptions, disconnect the dryer from the wall outlet and wait at least 5 minutes before reconnecting. This will aid in the internal motherboard resetting the dryer and may be the answer to get the dryer to function without an error code. Test the dryer after power has been restored as this can sometimes be the easiest solution to clear the error code.

Samsung Dryer Error Code Definitions

We will make the Samsung dryer error codes easier to understand instead of just including every error code in a complicated list, we’ll group the errors into more understandable categories for what each error category means.

tE3, tO, tS, tCS, tC, tC5, 1 tC, 1tC5, t5, tE, 1tCS – Temperature Sensor Errors

If you’re having difficulties with your dryer’s temperature or sensors, one of these Samsung dryer error messages will appear: tE3, tO, tS, tCS, tC, tC5, 1 tC, 1tC5, t5, tE, 1tCS.

Samsung dryer temperature error codes

How to fix temperature sensor error codes:

  • Remove the lint screen/filter and clean it.
  • If there are any lint blockages in the vent, remove them with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Once it’s clean, reassemble it.
  • Turn the dryer back on and check whether the error has reset.

6E, 6E2, 6C2, bE, bE2, bC2 – Button Is Jammed

The buttons on the dryer may become jammed or damaged after frequent use. If you see a Samsung dryer error code 6E, 6E2, 6C2, bE, bE2, bC2 on your digital display, see if any are stuck in place by pushing the buttons.

Samsung dryer button stuck error codes

How to fix jammed button error codes:

  • Remove power to the dryer.
  • Examine each button to see if any are damaged.
  • If the buttons or the whole panel are damaged, they will need to be replaced.
  • If the buttons are OK, restart your dryer and see if the error code has vanished.

do, d0, 1 DC, 1 dF, dC, dE, dF – Door Issues

There are a few reasons why your dryer door may not shut correctly. One of the most common ones is that the door was not completely closed at first; something has caught on the door preventing it from closing, or the latch is at fault. You will see errors do, d0, 1 DC, 1 dF, dC, dE, dF display on your digital screen.

Samsung dryer door error codes

How to fix a door error issue:

  • Check the door latch to ensure it fits into its place properly and that the door is securely shut.
  • If the door does not shut properly, it must be fixed or replaced.
  • If the latch is operating correctly, switch off and on the dryer once again to see whether the error code has vanished.

HC4, hE, HC, 1 HC – Heat/Airflow Errors

A clogged lint screen or exhaust vent prevents proper airflow and causes heating errors. The warm air will be trapped in the dryer if the lint screen or exhaust vent is blocked because there isn’t enough ventilation. If you see errors HC4, hE, HC, 1 HC displayed, make sure the vent and lint trap are free of any obstructions.

Samsung dryer heating error codes

How to fix heat airflow error codes:

  • Remove power to the dryer.
  • Remove the lint screen/filter from the dryer and clean it before reinserting it into the machine.
  • Remove the vent from the dryer and clean any lint blockages.
  • After the lint screen area has been cleaned, put it back in place.
  • Test to see whether the error code has disappeared after turning your dryer back on.

FE, FC, 1 FC – Power Frequency Errors

These errors indicate there is an incorrect power source frequency in your dryer. The Samsung dryer error code will show as FE, FC, 1 FC.

Samsung dryer frequency power error codes

How to fix power frequency errors:

  • To fix this power issue restart the cycle.
  • If restarting the cycle did not reset, you may need to remove power from the dryer.
  • Remove power to the dryer for 5 minutes.
  • Plug the dryer back in and see if the error code is clear.
  • You may have an extension cord that is not compatible with the dryer, if so, remove it and plug the dryer cord directly into the power outlet.

2E, 9E1, 9C1, 9E – Voltage Issue Errors

If your Samsung dryer is not functioning because the voltage being sent to it is faulty, you will see 2E, 9E1, 9C1, 9E displayed.

Samsung dryer voltage error codes

How to fix voltage issue errors:

  • Make sure the power cable is properly attached and that the voltage level is correct for electric dryers.
  • Make sure your dryer has its own circuit since it consumes a lot of power.
  • It’s also not a good idea to use an extension cord with your dryer.

AE3, AE4, AE5, E3, AC, 1 AC, Et, AE, EEE – Faulty Communication Errors

When one or more of your machine’s internal components are unable to communicate with each other, an error message may appear such as AE3, AE4, AE5, E3, AC, 1 AC, Et, AE, EEE.

Samsung dryer communication error codes

How to fix faulty communication errors:

  • Remove power to the dryer for 5 minutes.
  • Plug the dryer back in and see if the error code has disappeared.
  • If the error code still appears, inspect all the internal components to find if a control board connection is loose or damaged, or possibly if a control board is at fault.

C8, C90, C1, CL1, Ct, Clg, Cg, C9, C80 – Vent Blockage Errors

If you do a vent blockage test, the following error messages would show up. The codes that show on the display are C8, C90, C1, CL1, Ct, Clg, Cg, C9, C80. These codes indicate how much lint is clogging the vent.

Samsung dryer venting error codes

How to understand and fix a vent blockage error:

The C80 and C90 codes mean the vent is clogged.

  • To fix this error, clean out the vent.
  • The C1 and CL1 codes mean that laundry is inside the dryer.
  • Remove the laundry then run the vent blockage test if required.
  • The Ct code means the dryer is either freezing inside or above 100°F.
  • Allow one hour for the dryer to reach room temperature before using it.

Other Dryer Error Codes – 1 AC7, HC2, 3C, oD

Other error messages might appear on your dryer if one of the components is malfunctioning. The following are some of the other codes.

1 AC7 – Electronic control fault
HC2 – Gas ignition fault
3C – Motor fault
oD – Drying time fault

Samsung dryer motor error codesWe hope your Samsung dryer is now working! We have gone over all the error codes in an organized easy to understand guide. However, if you find that you need a replacement part for your Samsung dryer, see below for some common parts that are available online.

Samsung dryer parts for error codesSamsung dryer parts for error codes
Parts info here

These error codes show up on the following Samsung dryer models: All DV model numbers including… DV410AERXAA, DV410AEWXAA, DV419AEUXAA, DV419AEWXAA, DV448AEPXAA, DV210AGWXAA, DV316LEWXAA, DV328AEGXAA, DV328AERXAA, DV330AEBXAA, DV330AEWXAA, DV448AEWXAA, DV203AEWXAA, DV203AGSXAA, DV203AGWXAA, DV206AESXAA, DV206AGSXAA, DV209AEWXAA, DV210AEWXAA, and a few other Samsung DV model numbers not yet listed.

Need more help? Please leave a comment below with your Samsung dryer model number and we will investigate the issue you are having.

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