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How To Fix Your Adjustable Bed In 6 Easy Steps

Adjustable beds make it easy to sleep well with the motorized base and electronic controls. However the bed can have problems such as the bed is not moving or the remote control is not working. This 6 step guide will help you figure out what to do to fix common problems.

Fix adjustable bed frame

When Should You Reset Your Adjustable Bed Frame?

There could be several reasons why you might need to reset your adjustable bed frame. If you’re experiencing issues such as unresponsive controls, malfunctioning motors, or irregular movements in the bed’s adjustments, a frame reset could be the solution. Resetting the bed frame can often resolve these glitches and restore your bed to its optimal performance.

Six Methods To Fix Your Bed Frame

  1. Factory reset everything to fix it.
  2. Check the main bed adjustable motor.
  3. Vibration motor not working or weak?
  4. Check and reset your remote control.
  5. Bed frame is causing the trouble?
  6. Mattress is not the correct size.

1. Resetting Your Bed & Remote Control

Issue: The bed is not responding and not working properly. Remote not working.

Remote Control:

  1. Remove the Batteries: Open the battery compartment and carefully remove all existing batteries.
  2. Press and Hold a Button: Hold down any button on the front face of the remote for approximately 30 seconds. This helps to drain any residual power in the remote, effectively clearing its memory.
  3. Insert Fresh Batteries: Place new, quality batteries into the battery compartment, making sure to align them according to the polarity indicators.
  4. Resynchronize the Remote: Refer to your adjustable bed’s manufacturer guidelines to resynchronize the remote with the bed frame. This typically involves pressing specific buttons in a certain sequence.

reset your adjustable bed frame remote control

Bed Frame:

  1. Unplug the Bed: Disconnect the bed frame from the electrical outlet in the wall to cut off its power supply.
  2. Wait for 60 Seconds: Allow a full minute to pass. This gives time for the bed’s internal systems to reset.
  3. Reconnect Power: Plug the bed frame back into the wall outlet.
  4. Test the Functions: Use the remote control to test all adjustable features and ensure that the bed frame is functioning properly.

Pro Tip: It’s crucial to consult your manufacturer’s manual for any brand-specific reset procedures. Following the general steps may not be sufficient for some models, and you might need to carry out additional steps for a successful reset.

2. Adjustable Motor Issues

Issue: The bed’s adjustable features are not working properly.

  1. Be Sure Bed Has Power: Check that the bed is plugged into the outlet and it has power.
  2. Motor Inspection: Examine the motor’s condition, looking for any signs of wear, fraying cables, or rust.
  3. Cable and Wiring: Confirm all connecting cables and wiring are snug and undamaged.
  4. Functional Examination: Use the remote to shift the bed into various positions, paying attention to unusual noises.
  5. Manual Shaft Rotation: Disconnect the bed from its power source and manually turn the motor shaft.
  6. Component Replacement: If the issue persists, the motor may require replacement.

Pro Tip: Safety first, always unplug the bed before any manual tests.

3. Vibration Motor Problems

Issue: Vibration features are not working or are weak.

  1. Check Intensity Levels: Ensure your remote control is set to the vibration level you desire.
  2. Motor Inspection: Inspect the vibration motor for visible signs of wear or disconnection.
  3. Secure Connections: Confirm that the cables and wiring connected to the vibration motor are intact and secure.
  4. Test Operation: Activate the vibration feature to identify any issues in performance.
  5. Motor Burned Out: Consider replacing the vibration motor if the problem remains unresolved.

Pro Tip: During the test, listen for unusual sounds, which could indicate a vibration motor issue.

4. Remote Control Not Working

Issue: Remote control is unresponsive and not functional.

  1. Battery Check: Make sure the batteries are new and inserted correctly.
  2. Signal Path: Keep a clear line of sight between an infrared remote and the bed’s sensor.
  3. Resynchronization: Follow manufacturer guidelines to resync the remote to the bed.
  4. Resetting Remote: Refer to the owner’s manual to perform a factory reset on the remote.
  5. Remote Upgrade: If all fails, consider buying a new remote control.

Fix adjustable bed remote control

5. Bed Frame Structure Problems

Issue: Frame is unstable or noisy during operation.

  1. Inspect the Frame: Check for loose screws, bolts, or other components as these can cause the bed to not move properly.
  2. Tighten Components: Use the proper tools to secure any loose parts and secure them in place.
  3. Apply Lubrication: For noisy bed operation, lubricate the moving parts with a lubricating oil.
  4. Missing Bolts: A missing bolt or screw can be the cause of the bed not moving, check the floor for any parts that have fallen off.

6. Mattress Mismatch

Issue: Mattress misalignment or inadequate fit.

  1. Verify Dimensions: Confirm that the mattress dimensions are compatible with the bed frame.
  2. Align Mattress: Manually adjust the mattress for optimal alignment with the frame.
  3. Consider Replacement: If the mattress shows wear and tear, a replacement should be considered.

Pro Tip: If the you have a queen mattress on a king adjustable frame or similar mismatch, the motorized frame may cause the mattress to slide around. Get the proper size mattress for the bed frame.

More Adjustable Bed Tips

How Often Should I Oil the Moving Parts of My Bed?

Oil the moving bits at least once a year. Doing this yearly helps cut down on friction and makes parts last longer. If your bed starts to squeak or make other odd noises, you might need to oil it sooner.

Why Is My Bed Noisy When I Move It?

If your bed squeaks or grinds when you adjust it, it usually means something’s loose or needs oiling. First, make sure all the bolts are tight. If it’s still noisy, use some oil on the moving parts. Check your manual for more help.

Is It Normal for the Bed to Shake a Lot?

If your bed shakes more than usual, it could be an issue with the shaking motor or the settings. First, make sure the shake settings on your remote aren’t too high. If that doesn’t fix it, take a look at the motor.

Can I Plug My Bed Into an Extension Cord?

For safety, plug your bed straight into a wall socket. Using an extension cord could be risky and might cause electrical issues.

Will My Bed Work If the Power Goes Out?

Some beds have backup batteries that let you make basic changes if the power’s out. Check your manual to see if your bed has this and how to use it.

What’s the Right Way to Clean My Bed Frame?

A damp cloth is usually all you need to clean the frame. Don’t use strong cleaners; they could harm the material.

Can I Easily Find Replacement Parts?

Most good brands sell extra parts, either online or through approved dealers. If you need a new motor, remote, or bolts, you can usually find them easily. Always go for parts made by your bed’s brand to make sure they fit and work well.

How Long Does an Adjustable Bed Last?

With regular upkeep, an adjustable bed can last from 10 to 20 years. You might need to replace electronic parts like motors or remotes sooner. Keep an eye on things like loose bolts and make sure to oil moving parts.

This guide helps any adjustable bed owner figure out and fix common issues. If you’ve got a problem we didn’t cover, leave a comment below and we’ll try to help.

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