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How to Find the Model Number of Your Range Hood

Finding the model number of your range hood is essential to fix it when not removing the smoke, ordering parts, or getting help. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to locate and identify the model number on your range hood.

how to find range hood model numberHere is how to find model number on range hood

Locating the Model Number

Check Inside the Hood: Begin by switching off and unplugging your range hood. Open the hood and look inside for any labels or stickers. These are often located on the side panels or the interior walls of the hood.

Inspect Side Panels: If the interior doesn’t yield results, examine the side panels of your range hood. Sometimes, the model number is printed on the sides, especially in models where the interior space is compact.

Find model number on range hood

You Found the Model Number!

Cleaning the Label Area: If you find a label but it’s covered in grease or dirt, gently clean the area. Use a soft cloth and a mild cleaning solution, ensuring not to damage the label.

Using a Magnifying Glass: If the print is small or faded, a magnifying glass can be helpful. This will allow you to read tiny or worn-out text more clearly.

When the Label is Damaged

Contacting the Manufacturer: If the label is damaged or missing, contact the manufacturer. Provide them with a detailed description of your range hood. They can often help identify the model based on the product features and appearance.

If you’re unable to locate the model number, take a photo of your range hood and share it with an appliance repair technician or the manufacturer. Visual cues can often help in identifying the model.

Q: Why is the model number important for a range hood?
A: The model number is crucial for identifying the specific parts and specifications of your range hood, especially when ordering replacements or seeking repair advice.

Q: Can I find the model number in the user manual?
A: Yes, the user manual often includes the model number. If you have the manual, it’s a reliable source for this information.

Q: What if my range hood is too old and the model number is not visible?
A: In such cases, consulting the manufacturer with a detailed description or a photograph of the hood can be helpful.

Ask an Appliance Technician

If you have further questions or need specific guidance, feel free to comment below. For more accurate assistance, please provide the make of your range hood, and if possible, the model number or a detailed description.

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