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Where Is The Model Number Located On A Microwave?

Finding your microwave model number might be needed for maintenance and repair. Here are clear instructions for locating these numbers on popular microwave brands such as GE, Samsung, Sharp, Whirlpool, and LG.

microwave model number location finderWhere is the model number located on my Microwave?

Microwave Model Number Finder

  1. Begin your search by checking inside the microwave door. Start by examining the interior, as this is a common location for the model number. You’ll typically find it on a label situated on the left side of the oven cavity, on the door itself, at the bottom of the door frame, or near the top.
  2. Once you’ve looked inside, move on to inspecting the back of the microwave. This is step number two in your search process. The model number can often be found on the back panel, usually close to where the power cord emerges. Keep an eye out for a label printed with black letters and numbers, which might be a combination of both.
  3. Continue your investigation by examining the side of the microwave unit. Step number three involves checking this area as well. The model number is commonly placed in proximity to the serial number, making it easier to locate.
  4. As a fourth option, if you still have the original packaging or the product registration card that came with your microwave, this is another avenue to explore. Refer to these documents, where the model number should be listed, providing an additional source for identification.

These steps should help you quickly locate the model number of your microwave without the need to read through the full article. If you still cannot find your model number the video below will show you quickly where to locate it.

Where is the model number located on my microwave?

Reference for Microwave Model Numbers

Manufacturer Model Number Location
GE Microwave Check inside left wall, underside near the back, or on the back
Samsung Microwave Look on the left interior wall or the back panel
Sharp Microwave Search inside the door, back, or side panels
Whirlpool Microwave Inspect behind the door, interior right wall, or beneath the control panel vent
LG Microwave Examine inside the door or on the rear of the unit

Microwave Model Number Location

GE Microwave Ovens

In GE microwaves, the model number can often be found on the inside left wall. This number may also be located on the underside near the back in over-the-range models, or on the back of the unit. Knowing the model number of a GE microwave helps in ordering the right parts and understanding the specific features of the model.

Samsung Microwave Ovens

Samsung microwaves typically have the model number located on the left interior wall or the back panel. Locating this number is crucial for accessing Samsung specific support and services, as well as for understanding the unique functionalities of the Samsung microwave model you own.

Sharp Microwave Ovens

Sharp microwaves usually place the model number inside the door, on the back, or on the side panels. This information is vital for accessing Sharp’s customer support and troubleshooting specific to your model, ensuring a tailored approach to maintenance.

Whirlpool Microwave Ovens

In the case of Whirlpool microwaves, you can typically find the model number situated behind the door, on the interior right wall, or beneath the control panel vent, particularly in over-the-range models. This step is crucial as it enables you to access Whirlpool-specific guidance and acquire the necessary parts for your appliance.

LG Microwave Ovens

In LG microwave ovens, the model number is typically located inside the door or on the rear of the unit. This number is essential for accessing LG’s dedicated support and services and for understanding the features and specifications of your LG microwave.

microwave model number locationInfographic to show how to find a microwave oven model number

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For the most accurate and comprehensive information, it’s advisable to look through your microwave oven user manual or the manufacturer’s official website (see above) for specific models and brands. For more detailed guidance, please provide your brand of microwave and any other details below. Please explain your issue in full and we can help you with appliance technician help and information.

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