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Samsung Microwave Oven Common Error Codes

I recently installed a new Samsung microwave. It was working for about 2 months and now I have an error code. The error it shows on the display panel is E-11. Model number is Samsung model# smh9207st. Can you explain what the error is and provide a list of some error codes for future reference?

Samsung Microwave Oven Common Error Codes

Receiving an error code on your Samsung microwave will let you know what the problem is. You can identify the issue after the error code is displayed.

The Samsung microwave error code E-11 indicates a humidity sensor issue. To locate the humidity/gas sensor or the wiring harness, check on the top left side of the microwave. It is located under the outer panel.

NOTE: For any error code you get on your Samsung microwave, simply try to reset the microwave before any troubleshooting. Turn the circuit breaker or unplug the microwave for 5 minutes to attempt to clear the error code.

If unplugging the microwave does not reset the microwave, see the list below for Samsung microwave error codes that may show on your microwaves display panel. (See here for Samsung Microwave Service Manuals)

CAUTION: Microwaves are dangerous to service and repair. Call a technician before taking a microwave apart. These error codes are to ONLY let you know the problem, do not attempt to service.

Samsung Microwave Most Common Error Codes:

Samsung Microwave Error: E-11 or 11
Error Code Definition: Humidity Sensor/Gas Sensor OR Wire Harness Issue

Samsung Microwave Error: SE
Error Code Definition: Keypad Issue Or Electronic Control Board Issue

Samsung Microwave Error: 5E
Error Code Definition: Keypad Issue Or Electronic Control Board Issue

Samsung Microwave Error: C-DO
Error Code Definition: Door Or Key Error

Samsung Microwave Error: C-10
Error Code Definition: Error With Gas/Easy/PH Sensor

Samsung Microwave Error: C-A1
Error Code Definition: Oven Failed To Sense Opening/Closing Of Damper For 60 Seconds

Samsung Microwave Error: 7
Error Code Definition: Flip Breaker/Cut Power To Reset

Samsung Microwave Error: TE
Error Code Definition: Touch Communication Error

Samsung Microwave Error: E-24
Error Code Definition: Over Temperature Error

Samsung Microwave Error: E-36
Error Code Definition: Door Open Error

Samsung Microwave Error: E-02
Error Code Definition: Cooking Time Setting Over Error (Microwave)

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  1. C-DO code. I suspect from steam of a boiling pot but never happened before. Had these appliances for 2 years.

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