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Hot And Cold Water Cooler Dispenser Makes Noises

My hot and cold water cooler is making noises. The water cooler is the type that dispenses both hot and cold water. The noise it makes sounds similar to a boiling water popping sound. What parts or area of the water cooler should I check to fix the noise issue?

Hot And Cold Water Cooler Dispenser Makes Noises

A noisy water cooler dispenser can be annoying. There are a few reasons why a water cooler might make noise or sounds. If your water cooler makes noise, it could be from hot water overheating, copper coils vibrating, loose panels or screws, air trapped in the lines, or a clogged vent pipe.

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Caution: Always remember to UNPLUG the water cooler from power and ground yourself when performing troubleshooting or repairing a water cooler.

Causes For Water Cooler Dispenser Noises:

Copper Coils Vibrating – Vibrating copper coils can vibrate and rub on the inner panel or parts.
Loose Screws/Panels – A loose panel or screws can vibrate when the dispenser is running.
Water Overheating – Overheated water can cause a popping or boiling sound.
Air Trapped In Lines – Air that is trapped in the water lines may make unusual noises.
Clogged Hot Water Vent Pipe – A clogged hot water vent pipe will cause a pop or boiling noise.

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To stop all noises on your water cooler dispenser, unplug the water cooler and remove the components to access the inside. (This will vary from different model types) Check the inside of the water cooler to find an obvious cause of the noise. Inspect the inside to be sure all is in place and in working order.

Loose side panels on the water cooler will make a humming or vibrating sound. Tighten up the screws that attach the panels to the cooler. This will stop the noise. If the noise persists after tightening the panels, continue reading below to find more reasons.

On most hot and cold water cooler dispensers a common reason for noises is a blocked hot water vent aluminum pipe. The pipe can build up pressure thus making a boiling and popping noise. To fix the noise caused from a clogged hot water vent pipe, try cleaning the cooler per the manual…

Cleaning the water cooler may solve the issue as a simple blockage may be causing the noise. Most water cooler manuals say to clean the cooler with vinegar or citric acid. (Ex: Citric acid/Vinegar use 16 oz per gallon – Hint: 1 gallon = 128 ounces) Remove the water jug and the jug plate if applicable. Clean the dispenser as per the manual and be sure to clean the vent pipe.

(Water Dispenser Service and Cleaning Manuals in PDF can be found here)

Another reason for a noisy water cooler could be from the copper coils rubbing and or vibrating against the panel. (Behind where you place a glass for water – if applicable) Unplug the cooler, ground yourself, and remove the front panel. Attempt to carefully bend the copper coils down and away from hitting the front panel. (NOTE: The copper coils rubbing against the water cooler can also be described as a humming sound)

Air trapped in the water lines can also cause noises. You can try to purge the air from the lines. Remove power to the water cooler. Remove the water tank. Run the hot and cold water until empty. This should purge the lines of any air trapped. Once finished put water tank back on and plug in the cooler. Run the hot and cold water for a few seconds to get the water back into the lines.

Water overheating and causing a noise in the water cooler? If you hear water overheating in the water cooler, simply access the thermostat and turn the thermostat down by about 5 degrees. If the noise persists, turn thermostat down another 5 degrees. This will reduce temperature of the hot water and stop the boiling or popping noise.

Do you have other noise issues with your water cooler? Please let us know the model number of your water cooler. Use the form below to add your question if you need assistance.

If you have a water dispenser made by GE, LG, Vitapur, Primo Water, InSinkErator, Follett, Greenway Home Products, KitchenAid, Samsung, Igloo, Avanti, Whirlpool, Crystal Mountain, Bloomfield, Fetco, Curtis, Haier, Hamilton Beach, Hoshizaki, or Black & Decker, here is a resource to find all service and cleaning manuals… Water Dispenser Service Manuals

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  1. Oasis Brand Model BPE1shs-D100
    Water cooler is boiling the water in the tank, it gets so hot, also been making noises like its popping and boiling sounds.
    How do I fix it?

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