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Bottled Water Cooler Parts – Accessories For Bottled Water Dispensers

Need water cooler parts? If you have a bottled water cooler and need parts, we have the most common parts needed here. There are many different types of water coolers but most of them all work the same. Water coolers and dispensers all have the same basic parts and components. This page will show different parts that may be needed for your water cooler at home or at the office.

We also have a simple but easy to understand water cooler parts diagram to assist you in finding and understanding the name of the part you need. The parts we will show that are most broken, lost, or worn out is the threaded hot water dispenser, threaded cold water dispenser, o-rings, seals, water cooler bottle support collar, and more. See below for all water cooler parts for all brands of water dispensers.

Water Cooler Dispenser PartsBottled Water Cooler Dispenser Parts

Top Water Cooler Parts:
1. Threaded cold water faucet dispenser
2. Threaded hot water faucet dispenser
3. O-ring or seal for threaded water cooler COLD water dispenser
4. O-ring or seal for threaded water cooler HOT water dispenser
5. Water cooler bottle support collar

Bottled Water Cooler Parts Diagram - Parts IdentificationBottled Water Cooler Parts Diagram – Parts Identification


Water Cooler Electrical Schematic - For General ReferenceWater Cooler Electrical Schematic – For General Reference


Bottled Water Cooler Dispenser PartsBottled Water Cooler Dispenser Parts



Water Cooler Parts are available for all brands of water coolers including Avalon, Whirlpool, Primo, Igloo, Hamilton Beach, Oasis, Honeywell, Primo Water, NewAir, Avanti, Aquverse, NutriChef, Vitapur, Kissla, Glacier Bay, Farberware, and Giantex.

For further research for parts and part names, here are resources for service and cleaning manuals… Water Dispenser Service Manuals

Having noise issues with your water cooler? – Hot And Cold Water Cooler Dispenser Makes Noises

If you need help finding a special part or any part for your water cooler or water dispenser, please leave your question below with the make and model number of your water cooler.

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71 thoughts on “Bottled Water Cooler Parts – Accessories For Bottled Water Dispensers”

  1. Kirk,
    Finding a specific replacement drip tray assembly for your Glacier Bay water cooler model WWD2266W-2-HDU is challenging. Even so, you can find non-OEM and OEM parts for Glacier Bay water cooler on Amazon. Try typing in “Glacier bay water cooler drip tray” and you can find some from 3rd parties that should be sufficient.

  2. I have a Glacier Bay water cooler and am looking for the drip tray assembly. The model number is WWD2266W-2-HDU. An additional Model number is shown as 04201002281.
    Is this something you can order?

  3. I have a Primo hot and cold water dispenser. The model number is PWD5445BLS. I need a new hot faucet. Where can I get one? Are they all standard?

  4. I have a primo top loading water dispenser, model #601132 that doesn’t dispense water. Need help with what part to replace. Water get hot and gets cold, just doesn’t dispense.

  5. Looking for the lower door for a vitapur VWD1066BLS, any idea on where to find one? The door you pull off to slide the water jug in/out.

  6. I need the bottle cap piercer for my Haier top loading water cooler. Where could I find it. Model wdns201ss

  7. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Please supply us with the model number of the Vita top load water cooler and we can assist.

  8. I’m looking for a support collar for a vita put top load water cooler. When we put a jug on recently, the probe snapped and now it falls down inside. I can pull it back up with a shoelace and sometimes that works when I put the jug back on. Before long, this option will stop working for me so I need a replacement.

  9. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    The water cooler model number F528HB010-NE shows in our database that the make is Oasis.
    We do not have any PDF parts list files on this at this time but since now you know it is an Oasis water cooler F528HB010-NE, you should be able to find parts online.

  10. I have a hot/cold water cooler, make unknown, model is F528HB010-NE. Someone broke off the cold faucet. I need a parts list and disassembly/reassembly docs. Can anyone help me with this?

  11. I need a replacement drip tray for my Primo model 601142 water dispenser. Do you sell that item or where can i buy it?

  12. Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSS-5L-W water dispenser. Pump doesn’t seem to be working. Plug in and get 1 inch water and stops. Where to get pump. Or other ideas?

  13. I have primo water cooler top load model # 601204 and water receptical part which we insert the bottle is broken. I can’t find the parts. I called primo company and they are back order parts since 6 months.

  14. Where can I find a replacement drip tray for a Glacier Bay model# VWD2266W-1 Water Dispenser? I’m not having much luck searching the internet for replacement parts for this particular dispenser for some reason. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  15. I have a Primo top water dispenser with side dispenser for animal (ref 860013-C).
    The water cooler probe receptacle is broken (very badly made since every time you load a bottle, it push hard on it…) so I guess I need to change the whole support collar since I don’t see how to only change the probe.
    What would be part number for that and where to get it? How much would it cost? I live in Canada so would it work to receive it there?

  16. Bonnie Reynolds

    We have a glacier bay water dispenser for hot and cold. Model VWD1066BLS-1-HDU. The drain is missing the valve to shut off. Please advise where to purchase a new drain valve. Thank you

  17. Looking for a water dispenser support collar (including probe) for a Polar water cooler(PWD5445BLS) or compatible…

  18. I wouldn’t recommend tackling the heating element on a Water Boy NRR-H as a DIY repair. In my experience, you can spend big bucks just to find out that some other piece (e.g., thermostat, safety limiter) has failed.

  19. I have a primo water cooler model#594651 I need the whole drip tray. I also have a primo water cooler model#601130 I need the whole drip tray and the water bottle support collar. Where can I get these?

  20. I have a glacier bay vwd2266w-2 my hot water works fine but the cold water light doesn’t come on and the water doesn’t cool off
    I did reset and I hear a click noise in the back once in a while but water still not cooling
    Didn’t get any help from glacier as is out of warranty

  21. I Have a Bottom load GLACIER BAY water dispenser, model 1000 050 439.
    A couple of days ago after loading a fresh 5 gal. water bottle, you have to pierce the plastic cap with the extraction tube, while inserting said tube with force into the top of the bottle, the bottom third of the tube broke (it is a metal tube), and it cannot be repaired. So I am trying to find a replacement. I live in Queens NYC.

  22. I have a Primo bottom load water cooler model # 900130. I need one of the facet water valves. Does anyone know where I can purchase one or know a part number?

  23. I have a water cooler with model # F528HB010-NBBL. I need the seperator and support collar but not sure what brand this cooler is. Can you help?

  24. Sankey WD 307ST is the model of water dispenser that I have.
    I need a new blue top/faucet for the cold water dispenser.

  25. hi. I have and elegance byz1106 water cooler. I need a support collar but can’t seem to find this brands website or customer care details anywhere. can you help?

  26. I need a hot cooler faucet
    MTN Water Solutions
    Hot/Cold Water Bottled Dispense Cooler
    Model # RS210ES
    Serial # WR11K10231

  27. I need a silicon drain plug and cap for a Hamilton beach Watercooler BL-1-3. Where can I find one?

  28. I am looking for a replacement water bottle support collar for a Whirlpool WHAC-5008GA water cooler.

  29. Looking for a water cooler collar for a Greenway GWD230W. The collar consists of two part. The spike fits into the bottom of the collar bowl and locks in with tabs. The locking tabs are broken on the spike. I contacted Greenway and this unit has been discontinued for sometime. Is there an all in support collar that will fit my unit?

  30. I have a vitapur top load VWD6956BLS. The water support collar broke when I put the bottle in. Any suggestions.

  31. gerald maraventano

    i have a vitapur vwd1006w water cooler
    i need the 2 switches that plug into the compressor i believe its a overload switch and a starter switch the smaller top one is a bt52-14007112k1-the other larger switch is jpq114.7ep12l2010-how much with shipping to palm harbor fl 34683 thank you

  32. Need to get the hot and cold faucet for the water dispenser. Make Super . Model ylp1-5-026 (wcd1000). Please send me instructions for replacement. Thanks

  33. Amanda lynn Crom

    Anyone have the viva/primo drip tray with grate (bottom load, hot/cold, self cleaning, 5 gal) replacement part?

  34. I’m looking for a cold water tap for a Milano water cooler Model #409 would you have one Thank You

  35. We have a Hinkley Springs water dispenser. It is an old model BF1AK. Need the top collar and washers where the tube fits to the inside of stainless steel reservoir.

  36. We have a Primo cooler model # 601213 and we are in need of the bottle probe. Is there a place where we can purchase one

    Thank you

  37. DIY Help & Repair Tips

    Glacier Bay stainless steel water dispenser #1001-017-471 parts are available at Home Depot or on their website.
    You can also find non OEM and OEM bottled water parts on Amazon

  38. Looking for a water dispenser support collar for a garrison water cooler the part # on the broken part is y130820-016 garrison model myld1031s

  39. Anthony Du Mays

    I need a starter switch and an overload switch for a vitapur water cooler.
    Model VWD5446W. Can you please let know if you have them in stock and the price?

  40. I have a Glacier Bay stainless steel water dispenser #1001-017-471 and I need a replacement drain plug & cap which is on the back of the dispenser. Can you mail it to me or to the local Home Depot store? Thank you.

  41. Jack Weinmeister

    I have a Honeywell HWB1052W2 Bottled Water Cooler and need a replacement funnel (or water guard). I cannot find where to buy it at.

  42. I have a Waterboy cooler.
    Model #NRR-H
    The heating unit went out. Do you have a replacement part?
    If so do you think that is an easy DIY project?

  43. Michelle Manning

    I need parts for my water dispenser. Glacier Bay. Model VWD5446BL5.
    This item was purchased at Home Depot and it is now cracking and leaking at the bottom I need a pedestal bottom cover.

  44. We are in need of a cold water faucet replacement for a Honeywell water dispenser. The model number is HWB1052S.
    Thank You.

  45. Dianna Martinez R.V.T.

    I have a primo model 900105 there is a tube like silicone part that has a ‘valve’ in it. It has a tiny hole in the middle of the valve. The cooler began to leak around the top. The valve in the silicone tube has cracked. Can you tell me what’s it called? I can’t upload a picture here.

  46. Do you have a replacement part for a Polar water cooler? It’s the water dispenser bottle collar for model number pwd5975bls
    Thank you

  47. I am looking for a drip tray assembly for a Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Model # 601090 SO.

  48. I am looking for a replacement thread-on dispenser collar for a vitapur water dispenser model # VWD5446W

  49. DIY Project Help Tips

    Whirlpool water cooler Parts & Accessories…
    Call 1-844-4WHIRLP (494-4757) as many Whirlpool water cooler parts are not easy to find!

  50. How do I know how big the compressor is so I can get the right part I found some with the same ohm 3 wire over load and the relay but one is for 1/4 and one is for 1/3 no numbers that relate to anything anyplace on old parts thanks

  51. DIY Project Help Tips

    David Thomas,
    These parts are not easy to obtain for some reason.
    Your best bet is looking on Ebay or similar and find the part you need or a broken Glacier bay water cooler with the parts you need and swap them out.

  52. DIY Project Help Tips

    Molly gilpin,
    Check Amazon for the hot water cooler replacement for your Honeywell HWB1052S2 38-Inch Cabinet Freestanding Hot and Cold Water Dispenser.
    If not Honeywell will have it as a part for sale on the Honeywell website.

  53. I am looking for a hot water cooler replacement for a Honeywell HWB1052S2 38-Inch Cabinet Freestanding Hot and Cold Water Dispenser.

  54. I have a Glacier Bay water cooler model number VWD5446BLS.
    It has an overload relay on the compressor that is bad and I need the overload relay and the relay that plugs into the compressor.

  55. Veronika Newman

    I have a slime problem I still have the old bottles with the green top.
    Is there a way to just get the top?
    We brought the water cooler.
    2 years ago and we love the way, we can get hot water or cold water.

  56. I’m looking for a drip tray grill for a Primo 900133 bottom loading dispenser. Thanks.

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