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How To Give A Proper Handshake – First Impression

If you want to give a good impression and give a strong “first impression” handshake, here is the information you need to know below…

Always Do
1. Maintain Eye Contact
2. Smile
3. Lean Forward 20 degrees
4. A Good Shake Comes From The Elbow. The Forearm Remains Firm.
5. Five Shakes MAX!

Do Not Do The Following
1. The Old Aunt
2. The Barbie Hand
3. The Standoff
4. The Weird Uncle

Some Tips To Always Remember…
Timing – If you are the instigator, your hand goes out as you introduce yourself.
Eye contact – Make eye contact as you shake hands and exchange names.
Grip – Imagine holding a baseball bat just a bit inside the knob. The grip should be just enough to cause the bat to stick out straight, but not go up higher than that.
Duration – Two seconds, or when your shaking partner loosens grip. NO LONGER than that.

How to give a proper handshake


Also, Did You Know??? You are not supposed to shake the hand of a woman, there is also a particular way to address a female. You either bow by 20 degrees without losing eye contact, or you let their hand rest in yours while introducing yourself… And never shake. Your palm should be face up so her hand rests on yours.

For a sincere greeting, place your thumb gently over the top of her fingers, place your other hand over her turned down palm and introduce yourself. Do not let the contact last for more than the time it takes to introduce self and the introduction of the female you are introducing yourself too.

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