Elegant DIY Lamps Created For Under $50 Dollars Using Recycled Parts

We have 9 pictures below of diy lamps we created with some of our junk pieces we had in our garage. Leftover wood, wires, switches, light fixtures and fittings. The photos consist of how we used our scrap pieces from our leftover projects and utilized them to create very elegant lamps and lighting fixtures from scratch. We are showing this to you for some of the diy people out there who have followed along with our projects and most certainly have many pieces of scrap laying around to create these diy lamps. The images are meant to give you some ideas of what you can do with your scrap project pieces to make a completely new creative item. Have a look below to get some inspiration and ideas and to get rid of that scrap material you have lying around.

diy_lamp_1 diy_lamp_2 diy_lamp_3 diy_lamp_4 diy_lamp_5 diy_lamp_6 diy_lamp_7 diy_lamp_8 diy_lamp_9

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